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Star Trek The Video Game

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Overall 2

Star Trek: The Video Game Review

21 June 2013
  • Summary: Fans who love to hear Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto talk all day can be excited. Everyone else: avoid this game at all costs.
  • Pros: Actors from the films do voice work
  • Cons: Repetitive third-person shooting, Uninspired co-op, Numerous technical issues
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Overall 7
Gameplay 1
Graphics 1
Sound 1
Versatility 1
Funfactor 1

Star Trek: The Video Game (PS3) Review

11 June 2013
  • Summary: Overall, the game had some good potential, and it’s not the worst movie-licensed game I've ever played. But it doesn't live up to that initial promise and excitement of the demo I first saw in 2011. If you love the new Star Trek movies, this probably works best as a rental title rather than a full buy.
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Overall 4

Star Trek The Video Game

18 May 2013
  • Conclusion: Quick Take: Trek's latest video game tries too much to be like the Abrams' films and forgets how to be a good game.
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Overall 5

Where No Man Should Go Again | Star Trek: The Video Game Review

New Gamer Nation
13 May 2013
  • Conclusion: I will give it to the developers for trying, but trying just isn’t good enough.  You cannot simply throw in a ton of different gameplay features and expect the game to be fun.  There is something fundamentally wrong with this game on its most basic levels.  The only people to truly enjoy this game are die-hard trekkies that just want fan-service and nothing else.
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Overall 3

Star Trek: The Video Game Review (PS3)

PlayStation LifeStyle
8 May 2013
  • Summary: Phasers aren’t set to fun.
  • Pros: Decent co-existence with existing Star Trek media, Good interaction between Kirk and Spock, Mixes several gameplay types together
  • Cons: Mixes several gameplay types together terribly, Controls are bad, Cover mechanics are bad, AI is awful, Glitches can prevent gameplay, Plot suffers greatly
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Overall 4

Expert Review

26 April 2013
Overall 6
Value for money 6
Gameplay 5
Graphics 7
Sound 8

Star Trek the Video Game (2013)

1 April 2013
  • Excerpt: To boldly go where no movie game has gone before... uhmm... we wish! Unfortunately the majority of movie games are cursed and considering the budget of some of Hollywood's biggest and baddest blockbusters, it's quite perplexing why they don't get a AAA company to create their game titles. Imagine if Naughty Dog worked on an Indiana Jones game or Eidos on Star Wars .
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Overall 5

Expert Review

11 December 2009
  • Summary: Deathmatch, Assault, Conquest: These game modes form the acronym in Star Trek: D-A-C's unusually uninspired title. While the game was first released to Xbox Live Arcade in May of 2009, the more recent PlayStation and PC versions add new ships and other new features in an apparent effort to enhance the shallow original. (It's worth noting that the Xbox 360 version has since been updated to include all of the features of the more recent versions.
  • Pros: Conquest and Assault modes are fun in small doses, Survival mode is a nice, fast-paced addition
  • Cons: The license has little impact on the game, The new missile cruiser class isn't fun to use, Loose controls make for unrewarding shooting, Dumb AI leads to frustrations
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Star Trek: D-A-C (XBLA)

7 June 2009

Star Trek – The Voyage Home

PS3 Attitude
27 July 2014
  • Excerpt: Beam over to StarTrekFanKit and you’ll see that director J.J. Abrams will join stars of the new Star Trek movie Chris Pine (Kirk) and Zachary Quinto (not Sylar) in Home with some selected journalists (note: not us) tomorrow for a Q&A session. To make things easy for all you Trekkies out there who don’t want to miss what’s revealed, we’ve embedded the feed in this article.
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