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SIREN: Blood Curse

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Overall 8

The only fun levels of the game are the puzzles

Margaux, Amazon
24 February 2015
  • Summary: Setting up the story is a bit slow, and it's not intensely interesting at that. The only fun levels of the game are the puzzles. It's mostly a lot of trial and error. The combat is unintuitive and, in my opinion, a hindrance. I'd rather have to avoid enemies entirely. Solutions are, as other people have said, often unclear. However, I didn't factor that into my score as I prefer lack of clarity over them being obvious.
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Overall 6

Not as good as I was expecting and hoping

Simmer "itsme0209", Amazon
21 August 2014
  • Summary: I bought this game on the PSN network during their halloween sale last year. I am only up to chapter 3, but I am not impressed at all so far. I expected a lot based off all the great reviews, and considering I am a stickler for horror games. Gotta be honest...I was pretty disappointed. The controls are terrible. The game is very hard to see due to darkness.
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User Review

winterhombre, Metacritic
8 August 2014
  • Summary: Just got this game last week for 20$. I had heard of it but because of the little promotion it got I ignored it thinking it would be like SH Homecoming (example) with little horror and more action. I've never been so wrong. The game's story is very intriguing, though you don't understand much of it in the first chapters, and it's also got some shocking plot twists that keep you on the Just got this game last week for 20$.
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User Review

Carlitoxic, Metacritic
3 July 2014
  • Summary: Al juego le hace falta ajustar algo el sistema de juego y el control del personaje. Pero aún con esas, es un viaje terrorífico, intenso y sorprendente a un pueblo de pesadilla. Que narra un trama muy interesante, cuenta con unos enemigos totalmente escalofriantes y lo mejor de todo; la fabulosa ATMÓSFERA que logra gracias a su concepto artístico y el escalofriante y acertado trabajo sonoro.
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User Review

wownd10405, Metacritic
22 February 2014
  • Summary: All graphics system changed, but still good to write down plate was impressed with the finish. I personally had more fun predecessor, but the fear of this game is really the best you can say.
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User Review

YoutubeTGW, Metacritic
21 February 2014
  • Summary: The graphics are good. I only have a complaint about how dark everything is no matter she brightness setting the camera control is just ridicules. I try my best to enjoy it...
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User Review

GamersLikeABoss, Metacritic
16 December 2012
  • Summary: I bought this game cuz now days have very rare horror games that is happening in Japan. Horror games based in Japan always scared me and i love how the style goes. I was looking forward to play this game and see how cool the story is. But...it really disapointed me is that the story is very VERY confusing and it doesnt make sense.
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User Review

hollowfication, Metacritic
27 August 2012
  • Summary: this is worst game i got this game for 20 bucks i thought hey why not said zombie game so i tried it biggest mistake it took 15 hours to finish and guess what???? nothing the no reward no nothing it was pathetic worst game the zombie talking when shot them they die pop back up 10 mins later crap
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Overall 10

Not interested in holding your hand

Rita A. Lasalle "Rita Ann", Amazon
14 April 2012
  • Summary: Objectives can be unclear. The map can be more of a burden, than an asset. The story makes little sense to me (though never dull). The combat system is a chore to execute (comes with the genre i suppose). And trial and error seems to surface rather frequently, removing tension and fear, and replacing those feelings with frustration and annoyance. Based on those issues, this game deserves a poor mark, right? Well, not exactly.
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Overall 6

A compentent survival horror, but little more.

kessler, Amazon
13 April 2012
  • Summary: Survival horror is a genre of games that seemingly died out in recent years. When most modern gamers think of a horror game, they would probably envisage thoughts of Dead Space or maybe even Resident Evil 5. Actual survival horror games of this generation, games that actually manage to scare, are very few and far between. Amnesia The Dark Descent was released on PC in 2010, which did truly manage to scare in a way that few other games ever had.
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