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Oblivion: Game of the Year Edition PLAYSTATION 3
7.2 out of 10

Oblivion: Game of the Year Edition PLAYSTATION 3

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Reviews and Problems with Oblivion: Game of the Year Edition PLAYSTATION 3

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Overall 8

A great game still

Stephen T., Newegg
16 November 2012
  • Summary: A game that will suck up huge amount of your life, but is fun to play. Funny seeing how out dated graphics can be, and how good it can look at times.
  • Pros: Still fun to play even after all these years Includes all the fun DLC Great Newegg price
  • Cons: Graphics look outdated
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Overall 6

Fun Game

Michael F., Newegg
11 November 2012
  • Summary: Download an online Walkthrough , or get the strategy guide.
  • Pros: Game was fun and impressive. Lots of choices and options. cheats and tricks/tips can help you get a boost.
  • Cons: this game was to easy, lots of back tracking missions, objectives are many times not worth the pay off. I.E. something once you earn them, they are worthless when you finally get to use or equip the items for use.
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Overall 10


Joseph P., Newegg
23 September 2011
  • Summary: Hundreds of hours of game play for a bargain bin price. Should be a surefire buy for anyone who has never experienced Oblivion and are a fan of the RPG genre.
  • Pros: Huge world to explore, highly customizable characters, graphics still hold up well today.
  • Cons: Somewhat a clunky leveling system.
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Overall 4

compared to 360

Dan L., Newegg
14 December 2009
  • Summary: I am a lover of all three consoles and pc. But i have to speak the truth. I got this for 10$ from a friend and decided i have all the GS on 360 and beat it on pc 2 times, So lets get it for ps3. I do not regret the 10$. I just regret that the ps3 version is so bad compared to its competitor.
  • Pros: This game is pure rpg gold. I must admit that the 3rd ES was a lot more rpg like than this game. But this game is an rpg for the masses. Can be harder by raising difficulty and easily can spend 100+ hours looking for every single ruin and tavern.
  • Cons: It is on the ps3 and thus it lags a whole lot. This was a game that has multiple problems with lag and glitches that are irreversible unlike its console competitor. I prefer pc over all three consoles but if I had to choose.... stick to the 360 for this game.
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Overall 10

Epic RPG for a great price.

Clayton S., Newegg
11 June 2009
  • Summary: What's 5 gonna be like?! How are they going to make it better and more expandible?
  • Pros: If you are looking for an open-world RPG where you can do what you wnat when you want and how you want to, this is it. Great graphics and doesn't require much from PC users. The storyline could be longer but who can complain with all the sidequests, mods, custom quests from users and such. All of...
  • Cons: There is no such thing as "con" with this game. Well the faces could use some work but you don't see your own face very much now do you.
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Overall 4

Great game but...

Anonymous, Newegg
19 December 2008
  • Summary: An overall good game but too many bugs. I only gave the Game of the Year edition 2 eggs because the glitches are irreversible due to the creators complete lack of support by their choice. I'm looking to buy the non-GotY edition even after buying the $60 version. I like it that much.
  • Pros: This game has pretty good graphics and loads of gameplay. With all of the quests within the game you can keep busy and play for a good 70+ hours. It all depends on how deep you go into the game, searching for items etc.
  • Cons: Game of the Year edition has too many bugs... If you become a vampire you are unable to cure yourself due to a "bloodgrass glitch". I have contacted Bethesda about this and they have no plans to ever release any patches or fixes. If you want to play the game, get the regular version. And be sure ...
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Overall 2

boring game

Rex L., Newegg
6 October 2008
  • Pros: good graphics, great character building
  • Cons: if you have the time to play this game it is great, unfortunately there is so much to do and very little direction that it is easy to feel overwhelmed with no idea where to start, also character planning is crucial to building a good character because once you begin leveling you can seriously gim...
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Overall 10

should be getting it soon

Patrick M., Newegg
18 August 2008
  • Summary: for the person that stated that he turned into a vampire and could not un do it an thinks its a bug your not very smart. its not a bug thats how the game works if you become a vampire you stay a vampire there is no reversal unless some one has made a mod for the game.
  • Pros: i have this for the pc but my pc is slow so i am getting a ps3 copy and it should be her soon. this game is amazing.
  • Cons: none at all. works and has no bugs.
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Overall 8

Oblivion GOTY

Edward S., Newegg
7 July 2008
  • Summary: Wish I would have bought this version first instead of the PC version as I never play the PC version anymore.
  • Pros: Very good game and the graphics blew me away. Looks extremely good with the almost unlimited field of view. Able to play it on a large screen HDTV.
  • Cons: Didn't include any of the extra content only Knights Of The Nine and Shivering Isles. None of the extras in Knights Of The Nine unlike the PC version.
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Overall 4

Bugs and No Patches

Bruce M., Newegg
25 April 2008
  • Pros: It plays great for a while. I was completely enthralled.I was totally engrossed before it became unplayable.
  • Cons: The 2 characters I have played ended up at some save point as vampires which you cannot get out of because of buggy software. A while after that, the game ends up stuck with no way to continue. Basically it locks up when loading a saved character. There appear to be no plans to offer an update to...
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