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5.6 out of 10

Genji: Days of the Blade

Expanding on the gorgeous PS2 action title, this next-gen follow Read more

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Reviews and Problems with Genji: Days of the Blade

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User Review

sham.winchester, play-asia.com
18 April 2013
  • Summary: I played the first Genji game on PS2 and it quite nice. Absolutely I will play this sequel.
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User Review

TheRevanchist, Metacritic
3 September 2012
  • Summary: This was my first ever game on the PS3 and I tried my best to enjoy it, I really did. The upside was that the graphics were awesome. The downside was everything else. Level design was pretty atrocious. Weapons felt pretty useless. Camera angles were terrible and responsible for so many unnecessary deaths. This is possibly the only game I can remember that I did not finish. I wasn't even close.
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User Review

derekwlj, play-asia.com
11 July 2012
  • Summary: Nice graphics and gameplay. A bit repeatitive at the back but still nice~ :)
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User Review

Mattaclysm, Metacritic
24 May 2012
  • Summary: This game is flat out awful. One of the worst games I've ever played. Bad graphics. Terrible voice acting, so atrociously bad and goes along perfectly with the incredibly bad story. It's your basic action game with a slight RPG-eqsue system to build up your characters. The camera angle sucks sometimes you can be off screen with your character. This is a game you recommend to someone to torture them.
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Overall 4
Gameplay 3
Graphics 6
Sound 3
Lastability 6


kingofthegamers , GameStop
25 January 2012
  • Summary: I play this game every now and then but it is so boring. game play is slow and repetitious, and I think I payed like 4 bucks to much. If you want a real good game play ninja gaiden sigma 2.
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User Review

irvine_3008, play-asia.com
1 September 2011
  • Summary: The game play is hack and slash. All that happens is "kill this giant crab, wonder around, go through the door, activate cut scene, repeat.
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Overall 8

genji still worth playing time

darkdespair, Ebay
26 May 2011
  • Summary: Days of the Blade delivers a next-generation tour of Feudal Japan - it's a truly pretty game - too bad it never lets players off the bus to explore it for themselves. For all the processing power of the PS3, Days of the Blade offers the kind of experience expected of a Genji sequel on PS2.certain aspects of the game truly shine.
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User Review

edwinflaga, play-asia.com
16 March 2011
  • Summary: This game have a solid storyline despite being fictional (it depicts the period after the real Yoshitsune dies), and has similar game play with the Onimusha series. The difficulty curve though, is not quite user friendly. Recommended for fans of the series. New player may want to play or at least get to know what the 1st game is about b4 getting a hand on this.
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Overall 10

PS3 - Genji: Days of The Blade

alexander62, Overstock
25 January 2011
  • Summary: Delivery within days of the order. Every item accounted for and always exactly what I purchased.
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User Review

soulsync, play-asia.com
14 January 2011
  • Summary: Gameplay may not suit all but is a good release as part of the first lineup for PS3. Moderate learning curve and story telling tends to be slow pace in the beginning. In overall a good game for those enjoyed the PS2 version of it.
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