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G.I. JOE: The Rise of Cobra
4.3 out of 10

G.I. JOE: The Rise of Cobra

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Reviews and Problems with G.I. JOE: The Rise of Cobra

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G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Review

27 January 2010
  • Excerpt: G.I. Joe, you stand before this military court having been charged with multiple war crimes against the Nation of Gaming. You have led innocents astray with the promise of old-school arcade action, when all you have to offer is a tedious carnival of skill-free blasting.
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G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Review

games xtreme
3 September 2009
  • Summary: This is a game that is one of the truly terrible titles of this year. It should be made to sit in a corner with a Dunce's cap on and only given gruel to eat - it's that bad.
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G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra

The Armchair Empire
27 August 2009
  • Conclusion: You’ll fight in the same areas many times over, even though the locations supposedly change, the action does not change from level to level. Holding down the shoot button and strafing from left to right is pretty much the only strategy you need, whether playing with the AI buddy or with a real...
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Review: G.I. Joe – The Rise of Cobra (Sony PS3)

Diehard GameFAN
26 August 2009
  • Excerpt: I love G.I. Joe . I love Larry Hama’s 150 issue run on G.I. Joe with Marvel Comics. I rooted for Sgt. Slaughter at Wrestlemania VII because obviously he was the good guy and not Hulk Hogan.
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Overall 5
Gameplay 5
Graphics 4
Sound 5
Control 4
Addiction 5

Expert Review

PSX Extreme
25 August 2009
  • Excerpt: It was a huge summer theatrical release and not surprisingly, they decided to make a video game to go along with it. But one of these days, a publisher is going to realize that if the game isn’t worth owning, they might not make a very big profit…and if it’s as bad as
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Overall 7
Gameplay 1
Graphics 1
Sound 1
Versatility 1
Funfactor 1

GI JOE: The Rise of Cobra (PS3) Review

25 August 2009
  • Excerpt: It has been almost two decades since the last GI JOE video game was made. The last GI JOE video game was a fun, forward moving arcade shoot 'em up released in the 1990's. With the live action movie now in theaters, EA is bringing a line of movie based games to your consoles.
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Overall 3

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

Defunct Games
18 August 2009
  • Summary: G.I. Joe not only bad, but it's completely outdated. The Rise of Cobra doesn't have the problems of a modern day shooter, it has the problems of a shooter from the late 1990s. Camera issues, targeting concerns, ugly graphics, frustrating difficulty, it's all here.
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Overall 6

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra review (PS3)

15 August 2009
  • Excerpt: As the G.I. Joe mobile pit moves through the frozen north, Heavy Duty tries to liven up guard duty a bit by taunting the prisoner.
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G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

13 August 2009
  • Conclusion: We're introduced to the G.I. Joe team through the eyes of Conrad "Duke" Hauser (Channing Tatum) and Wallace "Ripcord" Weems (Marlon Wayans). While escorting a new batch of experimental warheads for NATO, their convoy comes under attack by a group armed to the teeth with futuristic weaponry, courtesy...
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Overall 4

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Review

6 August 2009
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