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Reviews and Problems with Fracture

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Overall 4

Not much to be expected

Jerry, Amazon
28 October 2014
Overall 6


GingerGrinch, Amazon
7 September 2014

User Review

aspentitan, Metacritic
13 August 2014
  • Summary: I didn't get very far into this game before deciding not to play it. Basically, it did not seem play tested by the developers. The first major gripe I had was how forced upon you terrain alteration was. I'm all ok with using the developers tools however they are forced upon you as the only way to play this game....and it is way overdone.
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Overall 6

Moving the ground up and down didn't save this

the gamer, Amazon
20 January 2014
  • Summary: I got this game cause at the time it was pretty cheap and looked like a good set up. It however suffers from the fact the game creators didn't really spend longer polishing the game. It also suffers from a forgettable story. It was made around the time when LucasArts was pumping out crapy star wars games so I can understand.
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Overall 10

Great Buy

James C. Jones Jr. "King", Amazon
17 January 2014
  • Summary: Great buy and I am so happy I have this now. I will recommend this to friends, family , and others
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User Review

DaredadCrust, Metacritic
5 September 2013
  • Summary: This game is a great idea gone terribly wrong. Using terrain deformation to your advantage is pretty fun, but after Act 1 of a measly 3 acts, the game gets boring. The online play is dead, and Jet Brody is one of the worst protagonists ever.
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Overall 6

it could have been better

Jay Fessenden, Amazon
25 April 2013
  • Summary: The idea sounds great but the game play is horrible. But I'll still play it on rainy days. Hoo rah!
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Overall 2

Stupid game

Tony Harrison, Amazon
6 February 2013
  • Summary: This game sucks because the graphic are cheesy, the controls layout is bad, and many glitches.. .. .. .. ..
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Overall 10

fracnture video juego

Daniel Avila, Amazon
26 December 2012
  • Summary: excelente juego, graficos y jugabilidad excelente, me gustaria que saliera una segunda parte, le doy 5 estrellas y podria darle mas
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User Review

Solifeaul, Metacritic
20 September 2012
  • Summary: Short: The ideas were sound, but the execution was sub-par at best. I couldn't bring myself to play past the first two missions. Rent it at your own risk. Long: Terrain deformation took center stage in this sci-fi shooter, where you were put in very open environments (conveniently made of dirt, I might add,) and were forced to morph your own cover.
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