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Formula One Championship Edition

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Overall 7

Formula One Championship Edition

24 June 2012
  • Pros: Lots of realistic depth, Feels real. We imagine, Everything a true fan would want
  • Cons: Lacks real thrills and spills, Michael Schumacher's in it, Practicing exactly where to brake
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Overall 8

Formula One: Championship Edition Review

PlayStation Universe
8 April 2009
  • Summary: Formula One is a quality, though niche racing title. If you're a fan of the sport, this'll be your cup of tea - but if not, give it a rent to try it out first.
  • Pros: Incredible graphics with a brilliant sense of speed and realistic weather effects., Will satisfy any F1 fan's desires.
  • Cons: Online play is quite drab., Could only appeal to F1 fans, others might be left in the dust.
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Expert Review

25 July 2008
Overall 10

F1 Championship Edition (PS3)

20 April 2008
  • Excerpt: Remember a time when F1 games were bigger than God? And now they seem little more than an afterthought? Can this title change that? I mean, it is on the super powerful PlayStation 3 and an exclusive at that.
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Overall 8
Gameplay 1
Graphics 1
Sound 1
Versatility 1
Funfactor 1

Formula One Championship Edition (PS3) Review

26 November 2007
  • Excerpt: racing has become a phenomenon. All around the country, hillbillies…I mean racing enthusiasts gather around their TV’s cheer for their respective racer to be ahead of the traffic in an endless circle.
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Overall 8

Formula One Championship Edition

Playstation Illustrated
18 November 2007
  • Excerpt: Formula One Championship Edition is the first PS3 game I have had the chance to review since the system’s launch and it is also the first F1 game to hit North America in quite some time. While I’m still not convinced of the system’s price tag, F1 Championship Edition does a good job of showing what the system can do, at least from a visual standpoint.
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Formula One Championship Edition Review

25 October 2007
  • Excerpt: Formula One is a strange beast. Over the years the hugely popular motorsport has evolved into something quite different from the 'must see' Sunday TV it most certainly was during my younger years. Today the sport suffers from a lack of on-track excitement, is far too focussed on qualifying performances and generally lacks the spark it had when Nigel Mansell was flying the flag for Great Britain.
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Overall 8

Formula One Championship Edition

The Gamers Temple
11 October 2007
  • Excerpt: Formula One racing games have always appealed to a small group of hardcore fans. With learning curves the size of Everest and races that could be measured in hours instead of minutes, F1 is decidedly not for everyone. Formula One Championship Edition is the first F1 game that I know of that has taken steps to bring the sport to a larger portion of the gameplaying public. They may be baby steps, but they are steps in the right direction nonetheless.
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Overall 9
Gameplay 10
Graphics 9
Sound 10
Replay value 10

Formula One Championship Edition

Family Friendly Gaming
7 September 2007
  • Excerpt: The first thing I do with any video game I get to review is to see what descriptors the ESRB gives. I want to know what things they found wrong with a game, so I have a starting point (knowing how broken and flawed the ESRB really is). Mild Lyrics is the only descriptor, but Sony has listened to the previous Family Friendly Gaming reviews, and included an easy way to turn off the offensive lyrics in the Options menu.
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Overall 6

Expert Review

The Laser
12 August 2007
  • Summary: While the technical racing offered in Formula One: Championship Edition probably won't appeal to more casual players, those looking for the depth and complexity of a racing simulation should find plenty to like in this release. It definitely takes some practice to become proficient in the racing, but the many assists should help to get you in the swing of things.
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