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Reviews and Problems with FIFA 13

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Overall 9

Kickin’ it with this FIFA 13 Review

New Gamer Nation
4 February 2013
  • Conclusion: All things considered, FIFA 13 is an excellent game with stunning graphics and immersive gameplay; simply put, it’s a must have for any soccer fan.
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Overall 9

FIFA 13 Review

10 December 2012
  • Excerpt: I'm not a big fan of annual franchises. The FIFAs, Need for Speeds, and Call of Dutys of the world exist to satiate the mainstream gaming demographics' unquenchable thirst for newer content from their favourite franchise. Delivering more of the same formula, however, severely curtails their creative licence. Whenever a well-regarded developer works on one of these franchises, I can't help but think what a massive waste of talent that is.
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FIFA 13 Review

8 November 2012
  • Excerpt: Despite producing an outstanding game last year, FIFA 12 unravelled after a year of play. Much like the famous Panenka penalty style, a consistent amount of similar chips will eventually get found out. Last year FIFA imitated the physicality of a débutante Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain: strong, full of potential and unfinished. But with a year of extra experience, FIFA 13 has grown a set of broad shoulders and impressive touch that indicates a special future.
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Overall 9

Wait, There Is Soccer This Year?

6 November 2012
  • Conclusion: While it does more iterating than innovating this year, FIFA stands alone atop a somewhat small heap of competition to remain the soccer game you want if you only want one soccer game.
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FIFA Soccer 13 strives for perfection through gameplay imperfection (review)

1 November 2012
  • Excerpt: FIFA Soccer 13 is like a big football club’s yearly jersey refresh. EA Sports’ latest multiplatform ball-juggling juggernaut has some flashy original material, a few designs we haven’t seen before, and some unexpected accents. The colors and crest, however, remain the same. This year, as usual, EA’s treating us to the customary gameplay tweaks, updates to typical modes, and unique additions like PlayStation Move support.
  • Pros: First Touch Control is frustratingly authentic and appreciated Soccer is a skill-based endeavor. Sometimes, a microscopic shift of the foot can cause a ball to ricochet in an undesired direction. FIFA 13 feeds off the chaos through its all-new First Touch Control mechanism, bringing another wild-card variable to the action. Players now react differently to each pass they receive. Beautiful counterattacks flounder in the wake of a stumbling defensive midfielder with a ...
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Overall 7

FIFA 13 PS Vita Review

PlayStation Universe
26 October 2012
  • Summary: It's FIFA, but nowhere close to FIFA 13
  • Pros: Gameplay is intuitive, Graphics are good for a handheld
  • Cons: Basically same as launch game, No PS3 connectivity, Missing game modes and features from PS3 version
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Overall 9

FIFA Soccer 13

Gamer Limit
19 October 2012
  • Excerpt: One of the key elements of the FIFA series has always been iterative improvements. Taking the core gameplay elements and making tweaks to them – but always with realism in mind.
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Overall 8

FIFA Soccer 13 PS3 Review

14 October 2012
  • Conclusion: FIFA Soccer 13 Image © EA Sports I have to be honest with my response to all video games and I will say that you have to LOVE soccer to really love "FIFA Soccer 13." The incredible degree of realism both in an actual game and with the depth of modes and available players make for a title that is not as much for newcomers or amateurs as it is for the diehards. However, that's how it should be.
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Overall 8

FIFA Soccer 13 (PS3)

PC Magazine
11 October 2012
  • Conclusion: While this year's changes aren't as drastic as in previous versions, EA's FIFA franchise just keeps getting better and better.
  • Pros: More realistic gameplay than last iteration. Skill Games allow improvement in play. Match Day feature enhances experience.
  • Cons: No drastic changes from last version. Motion game mode is unnecessary.
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FIFA Soccer 13 Review

5 October 2012
  • Excerpt: Where FIFA's first outing on the PlayStation Vita, simply titled FIFA Football , eschewed a numerical moniker, the latest version proudly slaps a 13 onto its name. And with that number comes a lot of expectation: the hope that this isn't just another weaker, slimmed-down port, but a true portable version of a console classic. Sadly, that isn't the case.
  • Pros: Still plays an exciting, if dated, game of football
  • Cons: A roster update and little more, Touch controls are largely useless
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