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Dust 514

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DUST 514 Review

16 December 2013
  • Excerpt: One AGM-114 Hellfire air-to-ground missile costs the United States military around $70,000 each time a drone operator pulls a trigger, which, the army boasts, has happened more than 11,000 times since 2001. It's this colossal expenditure of resources that drives the gears of the war machine: usage creates demand, and demand creates billions of dollars in revenue. All that money considered, it's a surprise that the games industry has been so slow on the uptake.
  • Pros: With cooperative teammates, it's occasionally a reasonable facsimile of better shooters, Weapons are imaginative sci-fi spins on the usual suspects
  • Cons: Low frame rate and muddy textures hamper gameplay and aesthetics, Poorly designed maps with little attention to scale, flow, or originality, Cumbersome menus and customization systems, Link to EVE Online and its lore is mostly theoretical
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Overall 6

Dust 514

2 September 2013
  • Summary: Dust 514 is one of the most ambitious games of all time. Not content with just offering a shooter within the EVE Online universe, CCP Games seeks to actually connect the game to EVE itself, allowing both titles to influence each other in a huge way. It's a major undertaking, and something that was immediately noticed from the very start of the project -- if successful, it could very well change the way we look at gaming.
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Overall 7

Dust 514 Review (PS3)

PlayStation LifeStyle
1 July 2013
  • Summary: Blow the dust off.
  • Pros: Amazing connectivity with EVE Online, Deep customization options, Free is a very good price
  • Cons: Very steep learning curve, Gunplay needs fixed, Default vehicle controls are abysmal
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Overall 6

Dust 514

29 May 2013
  • Conclusion: Dust 514 truly aims high with a one-of-a-kind cross-platform endeavor. But such ambition is in vain if you don't have a solid foundation, and Dust's crumbles almost from the get-go. Its wonky mechanics, weak graphics, and microtransaction fueled grind make it numbing to play long enough to explore its depth, and its persistent elements are completely lost on anyone who doesn't already have a foot down in the EVE universe.
  • Pros: Incredible depth, Tons of customization
  • Cons: Sloppy shooting, Bland looks, Slow progress
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Overall 6

Dust 514 review

25 May 2013
  • Conclusion: "The [F2P price tag] makes this unfinished product more appealing, but doesn’t excuse its flaws." "Gameplay-wise, DUST 514 lands somewhere between Call of Duty and Halo..." "The parts where the shooting gets particularly interesting is when that colossal item metagame comes creeping into it." "It’s not a full-on pay-to-win scheme, but there’s a discernible advantage for those who shell out cash.
  • Pros: Staggering amount of equipment and skills, Combat that’s a balance of twitch and tactics, An entire universe to conquer
  • Cons: Steep learning curve with limited tutorials, Glitchy grenade throwing, Sterile setting
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Overall 9

DUST 514 Review - Liberating FPS players from a prison they don't know they're in yet

PlayStation Universe
20 May 2013
  • Summary: DUST 514 is easily the most indepth FPS game out there and with an admission fee of �0.00 there is no reason at all for you not to check out what could be your go-to FPS for the next 5-10 years.
  • Pros: Free-to-play, Deep customisation and skill progression, 1 year of development down, 10+ to go!
  • Cons: A few bugs and technical issues, Some of the dropsuit racial variations are not yet in game
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Overall 5

Dust 514 Review

16 May 2013
  • Conclusion: Dust is a tinkerer’s paradise of near limitless items to equip and buy. Invested players will enjoyably spend hours building individualized dropsuits for any scenario, which makes the lackadaisical approach to said scenarios a downer.
  • Pros: Spectacular attention to back-end detail, Potential of owning a planet, Squad building with friends, Total integration with EVE Online
  • Cons: Abhorrent shooting, Clumsily constructed collision, maps, Enormous time sink to accomplish anything, Ludicrously overpriced virtual packages
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Overall 5

Dust 514 Review | Shaky War Economy

18 June 2013
  • Excerpt: We’ve spoken at great length regarding our respect for the online experience that is EVE Online. Its relentlessly hardcore and incredibly niche approach to the MMO genre has been admired by many for the player-driven nature of the game, but despite several updates the galaxy of New Eden filled with intrigue, adventure and conspiracy continues to be a rather impenetrable beast for newcomers.
  • Pros: Intuitive and deep skill progression system., Varied customisation of loadouts available., When facing similarly armed foes, it can be fun…
  • Cons: … but the pressure to buy AUR-bought equipment is worrying., Slugglish controls, horrendous Mouse & Keyboard support., The social connection to Eve Online needs serious improvement.
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Overall 6

Review: DUST 514

7 June 2013
  • Excerpt: When originally announced back in 2009, it was hard not to get excited for DUST 514. After all, developer CCP Games is responsible for one of the most unique and enthralling experiences available in our medium: EVE Online. It may not brag the same number of players as, say, World of Warcraft (which is seeing a steady decline), but EVE’s fan-base is undoubtedly one of the most raw and dedicated in existence.
  • Pros: Offers a unique approach to the first person shooter., Slick menus and consistent design influences., Has come leaps and bounds since early beta.
  • Cons: Needlessly complex at times., Tries to copy too much from EVE Online., Maps are barren and poorly designed in places., Connection to EVE Online feels almost non-existent., Only two game modes., Little incentive (or means) to work as a team., No trophies.
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Overall 8

Dust 514 im Test: Gelungenes Experiment oder Flop?

2 January 2014
  • Excerpt: Mit unserem Test von Dust 514 haben wir uns nach der offiziellen Veröffentlichung im Mai 2013 ein wenig Zeit gelassen, um dem Online-Shooter Zeit zu geben und ihm die nötige Aufmerksamkeit zu schenken. Im Test überprüfen wir nun, ob der Eve-Shooter für die Playstation 3 ein gelungenes Experiment oder ein Flop ist.
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