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Deception IV Blood Ties

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Reviews and Problems with Deception IV Blood Ties

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Review: Deception IV (Playstation 3)

Diehard GameFAN
16 April 2014
  • Summary: Short Attention Span Summary Deception IV at times feels a little dated, since the basic theme of the series hasn’t really changed much over time. However, if you are someone who liked the old games and wanted more, Deception IV provides a load of gruesome entertainment, and no other game nails that feeling of setting up a perfect trap that dismantles your enemies and seeing it play out.
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Deceptively shallow

15 April 2014
  • Conclusion: Where are these high-tech assault troopers coming from?!?
  • Pros: Pulling off a six-trap combo followed by a seventh gimmick hit.
  • Cons: The obvious lack of effort put into updating the formula.
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Overall 8

Deception IV: Blood Ties

10 April 2014
  • Conclusion: Quick Take: Deception IV: Blood Ties is all about the creation of traps and then using said traps to snare humans.
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Overall 7

Deception 4: Blood Ties review

7 April 2014
  • Conclusion: Deception IV: Blood Ties continues the legacy of Tecmo's cult series, and feels like a full realization of the original premise. If you have the patience for its late-game flaws, there's never been a better time to cast your lot with The Devil.
  • Pros: A wholly clever premise, Puzzles with an emphasis on experimentation, Comedy and horror in a perfect blend
  • Cons: Repetitive gameplay, Unfair enemies and infrequent checkpoints, Perverted humor can be a bit much
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Overall 7
Gameplay 1
Graphics 1
Sound 1
Versatility 1
Funfactor 0

Deception IV: Blood Ties (PS3) Review

5 April 2014
  • Summary: Deception IV isn’t quite the return of the Deception series I wanted. The basic building blocks are largely there but the rough edges really make the game more punishing then it ought to be. It is fun having a pumpkin head fall on an enemy’s head and watch him stumble around to his untimely death. The game is designed to make it as frustrating to have these moments as possible though which puts the brakes on your enjoyment of it.
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Overall 7

Deception IV: Blood Ties

4 April 2014
  • Excerpt: A word of advice to any foolish mortal about to set foot inside the house of the Devil: Watch out. It’s a trap. You might get hit by a falling boulder, or fall prey to a swinging axe blade. You might step on a rake that pops up to smack you square in the face. Next thing you know, you’re caught up in an elaborate series of contraptions that knock you around the room like some diabolical Rube Goldberg machine.
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Deception IV: Blood Ties

Game Revolution
2 April 2014
  • Excerpt: Even the daughter of the Devil is being punished. I have to admit. Japan manages to come up with some whacky game ideas, sometimes so much so that when they make it to American shores, it’s nothing short of a miracle. However, I thankfully am not a Japanophile, born to love everything exported from the Land of the Rising Sun.
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Overall 9

Deception IV: Blood Ties

31 March 2014
  • Summary: The Deception franchise is a series I wish more people were aware of. Although the concept of a character that can't physically defend themselves isn't typically a popular go-to mechanic, this survival horror-like idea is turned on its head with the existence of deadly traps. There's something soothing about setting up a ridiculously elaborate Goldbergian machine and unleashing it upon your foes that's insanely satisfying, and Deception IV is no exception.
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Overall 7

Deception IV: Blood Ties Review – PlayStation 3

Game Chronicles
29 March 2014
  • Excerpt: Deception IV: Blood Ties, the newest game in Tecmo’s long-dormant villainous trap-strategy game, is kind of a mixed bag. Following Laegrinna, the daughter of the devil and her three demonic assistants during their campaign to resurrect the devil, there’s a lot to enjoy, with a huge variety of traps, costumes, and modes aside from the main story. The game can also drag, though, with the moments of slapstick absurdity being bright moments in a sometimes-dull game.
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Overall 6

Deception IV: Blood Ties Review

PlayStation Universe
25 March 2014
  • Summary: Fun in small doses, Deception IV: Blood Ties ultimately suffers from a bad case of repetition and is unlikely to keep you hooked for long.
  • Pros: Traps are quite interesting, Decent visuals, The pick-up-and-play mentality
  • Cons: The repetitive gameplay, Poor continue system, Lack of traps
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