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Reviews and Problems with Blur

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User Review

rodfagundes001, play-asia.com
21 September 2012
  • Summary: This game is great!! Good to play offline and very good to play online too, many players online to play. Also, i tested the multiplayer with other 3 friends - simply amazing!!!
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User Review

derekwlj, play-asia.com
11 July 2012
  • Summary: Great fun and wonderful selections of cars. Destroying each other is one of the highlights too! :) Recommended to all who like destroying while racing!
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Overall 7

Arcade racing with style.

The Cliffe, MobyGames
19 April 2012
  • Conclusion: "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" they say, and even though such endeavors in today's gaming world will earn you more lawsuits than gratitude, the truth is, ripping off ideas from existing intellectual properties plays a big part in how the gaming industry evolves. Case in point: Bizarre Creations' Blur, a game that gives a nod to Mario Kart and it's legions of knock-offs, all while biting its thumb in their general direction.
  • Pros: Excellent Presentation Balanced list of power ups and weapons Tons of vehicles to unlock Navigating the chaos is super fun
  • Cons: Virtually non-existent music Sliding into turns is dicey Inconsistent difficulty curve at times
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User Review

Marou, play-asia.com
4 October 2011
Overall 9
Gameplay 10
Graphics 8
Sound 9
Lastability 10


PoisonPoint , GameStop
3 September 2011
  • Summary: This game is basically mario cart on steroids!!! lol, GREAT GAME, not only is it a racer but you get power ups along the race that give you a fighting chance. Really great online modes, game never gets old, The only thing lacking is that there is no new download content to get new courses, cars etc.... also this game would be waaaaaay sicker if it had HD graphics.. but the graphics are smooth anyway. All around great game!!
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User Review

rahulgabrielle, play-asia.com
10 August 2011
  • Summary: its a very nice game. it a blend of most wanted, mario kart and twisted metal... beautiful visuals, the gameplay and speed is great, a must buy if you are looking for a racing game with a difference.
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User Review

marcdehugar, play-asia.com
9 August 2011
  • Summary: Thats about it... I havent had much of a chance to play it. But it seems very much like Wipeout or Twisted Metal... I have yet to try that other game split/ second so I can't judge between the two.. But I would have to say If Wipeout (ie collection charges) to use on your competitors.. this is your kind of thing.. Its done well..
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User Review

jinlim2004, play-asia.com
27 July 2011
  • Summary: the game is great fun. memory of the track helps, quick fingers is also needed but overall, its a great drive taking out everyone else ;) get it before it runs out.
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User Review

erikcls, play-asia.com
20 July 2011
  • Summary: Power ups + licensed cars = match made in heaven. If you like blasting opponents in Mario Kart and driving real life cars to do it at the same time, then this game is for you. The plus point is the social feature where you can share your progress and achievements via Facebook and Twitter. On another note, Boss battles are challenging and it's so sweet when you blow them up.
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User Review

silenttrigger_8, play-asia.com
19 July 2011
  • Summary: This one is what it meant by fast & furious! I can't even feel my heart pumping during the race.
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