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Acceleration of Suguri X Edition

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User Review

Valko, Metacritic
1 week ago
  • Summary: Good game only for schoolboys and girls, boring and have some **** service from devs. Bought it from some bundle and devs refused to give keys to their customers, I had to buy it for a second time!
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User Review

solutions10, Metacritic
20 October 2011
  • Summary: An extremely competent and original girl-on-girl (sans the one male character in the 12-character roster) competitive fighter/shooter with a great deal of flair, color, strategy, depth, and variety, all of which is well worth the ludicrously cheap $5.99 asking price, which even includes a bonus theme and the entire soundtrack. This could easily have been $14.99, and justifiably so. The amount of content present goes far beyond what's expected of a $5.99 throwaway title.
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User Review

SpagSausage, Metacritic
12 May 2011
  • Summary: At first, this one-on-one bullet hell fighter is utterly baffling. There are girls with big guns dueling, something about a pudding, circular arenas and pounding trance music. And once you've played for a while, it's just mildly incomprehensible. A shooter/beat-'em-up hybrid that sees girls facing off with dodges, special attacks and weaponry like missiles, lasers and rockets, all strung together with weird text chats between the fighters, this is niche gaming at its...
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User Review

Sieghardt, Metacritic
28 March 2011
  • Summary: Don't let the cute girly looks decieve you, this game plays closer to Virtual On or that old game Psychic Force than anything else with its selection of ranged and melee attacks and special variations by dashing while attacking and super moves by pressing two buttons at once, it's very much one of those simple to play hard to master games. The soundtrack is pretty nice too.
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