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Sportline 370 Traq Pedometer

Great Deal: $38.99

Reviews and Problems with Sportline 370 Traq Pedometer

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Disappointed in Product

Maggie, amazon.com
31 January 2012
  • Summary: I am very disappointed in this product. I bought it from a sporting goods store and paid $40.00 for it. It is not user friendly in regards to imputing information, which would not be an issue except for the fact that it resets itself at times requiring information to be entered again. I also found it inaccurate except when used on the treadmill. Worst of all, when I dropped it, it totally stopped working.
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Great size and clip, POOR protection against random resets

Dawn "NJHeart2Heart", amazon.com
12 June 2011
  • Summary: I'm sorry to say that I am returning this pedometer after 3 days of use. I was hesitant about paying so much for a pedometer. It does have a lot of features, and I liked the regular clock, distance and that you can input your age/weight for greater accuracy. I loved the fact that it has a separate clip, and was relatively comfortable to wear (I wore it on waistband as instructed). The first time it randomly reset itself I was surprised but figured it was a fluke.
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Accurate, but big

A. Baker, amazon.com
27 January 2011
  • Summary: I have owned this pedometer for two years now and have been very happy with it. It accurately counts steps and keeps me "on track" with my goal of getting 10,000 steps in per day. It has multiple modes and information, including time, steps, percentage of goal, and a stopwatch. It can be set to display any of the modes in large print with the other information in small print below. After reading reviews here, I decided to test the accuracy of the steps counter.
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Didn't make through a full day

Rick Tolan, amazon.com
10 December 2010
  • Summary: I tried to upgrade to a better device after using a simple freebie spring-arm pedometer by Walk that is given away at my children's school. After 2-years of use, I figured I was into tracking my steps and should get a better device. I had been looking for a while. Saddly, my wife thought as others, and gifted this too me as it was the new digital accelerometer and the highest priced model at a major national sporting goods store.
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Stopped counting steps after 6 months of use

Robert Webster, amazon.com
8 November 2010
  • Summary: I would not recommend this pedometer, it stopped counting steps within 6 months of purchase. Even though the display was still clear I replaced the battery in case full power was required to count steps. This did not resolve the problem. I would suggest you Pick a different brand.
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Decent but not the best pedeometer on the market

Tam, amazon.com
20 May 2010
  • Summary: I bought this pedometer a couple days ago at a local sporting goods store (for $39 so I realize I overpaid). All and all, it is ok. It is an improvement over the standard mechanical pedometer, but probably not as nice as other ones available on Amazon. Pros: memory function records your daily steps (resets at 12 midnight) doesn't make the usual clink sound of mechanical pedometers has a clock, stopwatch and alarm can be worn anywhere, you just need it to sit tightly...
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Mine is NOT working (3rd update)

Trio, amazon.com
20 April 2010
  • Summary: PLEASE READ 3rd UPDATE. I purchased mine this past weekend and although I've only used it three times it is working GREAT! I use mine for walking, not running. The only problem I found with accuracy is when I tried using it with a lanyard. It just bounces too much. If you attach the clip to a SOLID piece of clothing (I use my bra) then it works very well.
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I don't see any issue with the step counter

Brian Doheny "Brian", amazon.com
11 March 2010
  • Summary: I only gave this 3 stars because I'm going to take other peoples word for it when it comes to the other features such as tracking mileage. I haven't used this enough to figure out how accurate it is because I haven't driven through a golf course to check the mileage I walk as this is where I usually use this step counter the most. But as for the step counter, i found this to be very accurate.
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JMH "runner", amazon.com
11 February 2010
  • Summary: I bought this pedometer hoping it would be better than the cheaper ones I purchased and returned because they were all inaacurate. Well, this one is totally inaccurate, too. I bought this for my running training because I am trying to increase the distance I am running...but the distance measurements were completely inaccurate. I will be returning this immediately and I will not buy another Sportline product again.
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Like everyone else, I say, DON'T BUY IT

S. James, amazon.com
5 October 2009
  • Summary: Same problems as other people: the battery won't stay connected and the thing is generally a terrible piece of junk. I had a very cheap SportLine model that also gave me problems and I thought if I bought an expensive version it would do better. It is worse. SportLine is the only brand sold in my local sporting good stores--can't imagine how they cornered the market.
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