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Garmin Premium Soft Strap Heart Rate Monitor

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Reviews and Problems with Garmin Premium Soft Strap Heart Rate Monitor

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Does what it's supposed to do!

Dragonchilde, Amazon
13 June 2013
  • Summary: I originally bought a Garmin forerunner 110 without a chest strap because I thought the functional chest strap I had would work... unfortunately, it didn't. so, I had to buy one separately. This did the trick, synced perfected with my device, and has provided an accurate estimation of calories burned since. It also syncs with the treadmills at the gym, which is a nice (unnecessary, but nice) additional bit of functionality.
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Great when it works, some flaws to consider

B. Warren, Amazon
23 January 2013
  • Summary: I have had this particular HRM for about two and a half years. I cycle, and in the time I've been using this HRM I've put in about 750 hours of riding. Here's what I've discovered. The Good: - Out of the box was easy to sync with both my Edge 500 and DigiFit (with case) on my iPhone. - Worked without any spikes or erratic HR readings until about three months ago. Figured the battery was probably getting pretty low, so I went to change it ...
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Not comfortable, slices skin (soft strap)

C. A. Sanford, Amazon
5 December 2012
  • Summary: I purchased the soft strap heart rate monitor after the battery died on my original HRM. From the start I had two issues with it: first getting it to stay positioned properly, it had a tendency to flip on my chest breaking contact unless I tightened it to almost uncomfortable levels. The other, even more bothersome issue, was that the edges of the strap sliced my skin, and so I had two parallel cuts on either side of my chest.
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Garmin premium soft strap-NOT!!!

Stephanie Woods, Amazon
7 November 2012
  • Summary: I highly recommend no one buy this product. It simply does not work! If you are lucky, it works for a month, maybe three. Then it malfunctions in every possible way. Mine alternates between not saying I have any heartbeat at all (usually at the most inopportune times like at the beginning of a race), reading incredibly high like 194 when I am running 17 minute miles, reading incredibly low like 65 when I am running at a 9:30 mile pace, or reading normal and then surging...
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Cuts your chest!!

J. Smith, Amazon
5 November 2012
  • Summary: I have worn Polar HRM's for a couple of years now and had a Timex IronMan HRM before that. I switched to the Garmin recently because I wanted Ant+ so that I could move the functionality to my iPhone. The strap does the job from a technical standpoint... Ant+ worked well with the Wahoo Ant+ dongle that I purchased. After my first run of about 5 miles, I came home and found that the strap had chaffed/cut me on my chest immediately below the sensor.
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LFE01, Bestbuy
30 September 2012
  • Summary: A must for all those who are training and want to keep heart rate under control.
  • Pros: Simple to use once matched with watch.
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very comfy thingy

Mr. Peebles "Camaleon", Amazon
25 September 2012
  • Summary: After wearing the former heart rate monitor strap from Garmin for about 4 years, this new one came as a hug..is softer, feels lighter and you forget you have it. the sensors in the previous were in a long (about 12 inches) piece of plastic that did not allow the skin to breath, and in the hot days of summer was not good. this one breathes much better.
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Works Great!

DP123, Bestbuy
22 August 2012
  • Summary: I got this to pair with my Ant+ phone (Xperia Ray). It works exactly how it should & is comfortable to wear - I've even slept with it on a couple...
  • Pros: Much more comfortable than I thought it would be.
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Beware, Shorter strap than regular Garmin HR strap.

Luke Roberts "LR", Amazon
30 July 2012
  • Summary: I bought this strap to replace the regular garmin strap that came with my 305. Even at its longest strap extension, it is too small. In comparison, I have at least an extra inch of strap on the stock garmin to play with and none on the premium version. For the record I am not a huge man: 6'3" ~205, not fat and not incredibly muscular either. If you've EVER done a bench press, this is not for you.
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More confortable but not as reliable

Ben, Amazon
12 May 2012
  • Summary: This HRM is definitely more confortable than the non premium garmin HRM but it really does not like static! - Bike ride with a synthetic running shirt + Garmin HRM premium + Garmin 305 As soon as I passed 18mph, my heart rate was over 200. I f I put my hand over the shirt on the HR, my heart rate gets back to normal.
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