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Garmin Forerunner 60

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Reviews and Problems with Garmin Forerunner 60

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Watch is ok like my old one. The Band broke the 1st time I put it on.

Amazon Customer, Amazon
24 December 2013
  • Summary: The watch is OK. Just like the one I used to have. The Band broke the 1st time I put it on. It had been glued but the glue DID NOT hold. I have E-Mailed 86Jester28 the seller 2 times and he is Ignoring me. The AD for the watch was misleading. The sale was to Include Foot Pod, Heart Rate Monitor, and USB ANT Stick. The only thing came was the watch. The band broke the 1st time I put it on, in the 1st hole closest to the watch. The watch is ok. But I CANNOT WEAR it.
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Fitness Watch

Char, Amazon
25 September 2013
  • Summary: I'm sure this is a good product but I have never even once been able to get it to work right. It is very complicated to use and frustrating because the buttons are so small. There are so many options and different things to do that my little brain couldn't keep up! If you are looking for something simple to use, this is not the one.
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good product until it came time to change the battery

Matt B "Matt B.", Amazon
23 February 2013
  • Summary: my local jewelry shop said she couldn't change the battery on this watch (which is odd). in retrospect I think she was avoiding liability after bad experiences with them before. I contacted Garmin and they didn't have a mail-in battery replacement service and said I should do it on my own. The battery was a pretty common type and I have a set of computer screwdrivers so I opened up the back and replaced the battery.
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Not bad

S. Majocha "Nursee13", Amazon
20 November 2012
  • Summary: I had to return this item because it was too confusing for me to learn. I am sure it works fine but I guess I wasn't such an athlete where I needed this. My runs are too simple and I didn't need something so involved and pro.
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Too complicated

kroder, Amazon
7 June 2012
  • Summary: Bought this for my wife as a gift. In general she loves the watch itself but the menu is liked something designed by a 3rd grader. WE are very techno savy people but you can spend a great deal of time pushing buttons on this thing to get it to do the simplest of tasks
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The band broke

Karen L Marshall, Amazon
10 December 2011
  • Summary: I bought this package on March 23, 2011. Today, December 10, 2011 the band broke. Since the band is integrated into the watch, I don't know if it can be replaced. I'm a data geek - I love to see what happened by the numbers, so I love the product. I live in a wooded area and GPS is commonly lost here so I went with the FR60 rather than the GPS enabled ones. I'm just really disappointed the band broke and in less than a year.
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Inferior Quality Watch - Won't Buy Again

L. Dubas, Amazon
17 November 2011
  • Summary: My boyfriend got me the FR60 watch as a Christmas gift in 2010. The first time I wore it the band started to crack. Garmin had me send it back and they sent me a new watch. Now less than a year later the battery died. The battery on my Polar heart rate monitor watch lasted 2 years. I attempted to change the FR60 battery myself. I followed their directions but now my watch just says "ERROR" and won't work.
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Fitness Instructor

MLM, Amazon
24 October 2011
  • Summary: I am a runner, cyclist, and fitness instructor, and I love tracking my workouts with this GPS/HR monitor/pedometer. I have sent the summary charts to my running partners, which they love as well. It is great to see not only the average pace each mile, but the average MOVING pace and the fastest pace each mile. One thing I don't like is that it didn't come with a user's manual--only a quick start manual.
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Good for a year

Diana K, Amazon
1 September 2011
  • Summary: I used it simply to track pace, time, and distance paired with the garmin foot pod. Was pretty happy with its function and appearance until it broke during a hot day on the track. I was doing a speed workout in 80 degree weather and all of a sudden it just stopped working. It never recovered thereafter and am pretty disappointed with its durability. In my book, a well made watch would not wilt under hot or wet conditions. I'm going to try the forerunner 110 now....
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leighoc, Amazon
16 June 2011
  • Summary: I'm not a stupid person. I can figure most things out. I can not however figure out this stupid watch. It DOES NOT come with a manual on how to use it. You have to watch youtube videos and they aren't very helpful. I don't understand why a Heart Rate Monitor doesn 't display my heart rate. WTF? I bought this b/c 1) I thought Garmin would be a good brand of product, 2) the positive reviews, and 3) I didn't want to pay the hundreds of dollars that the body bugg costs.
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