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Garmin Forerunner 410

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Reviews and Problems with Garmin Forerunner 410

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Good GPS speed, not great touch bezel

justin iott, Amazon
6 May 2014
  • Summary: This is my first run watch. I bought it because the price was right and I heard it picked up a GPS signal quickly. The watch is comfortable enough and looks good. It definitely does pick up GPS signal a lot faster than my friend's Nike watch. The thing I dont like is the touch bezel. It works fine before a workout, but if you get sweaty hands or are trying to adjust on the fly, it can be a little hard to get along with.
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Battery Issues

Dave, Amazon
6 January 2014
  • Summary: This is a nice watch and great resource. The only issue I have is that the watch does not stay charged. Do not unplug it the night before a race as the battery won't last. We charge it until we leave for the race to ensure it will last.
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Faulty buttons

Arkadiusz Fronc, Amazon
10 November 2013
  • Summary: I had technical issues with it. After two years of using it, one button stopped working. Fortunately, after a few days it started working again. A few months later, the same situation happened again. Besides that, I really like my Garmin Forerunner. I try to believe it is just an issue with my device, not the whole series.
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Runners Watch

Ron McKerrow, Amazon
24 September 2013
  • Summary: OK, good functionality, but can be finiky to use. GPS good but has some troubles with trees and tall buildings. Touch surfaces conveinient but affected by rain etc. Good watch, needs some reengineering.
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spartygw, Amazon
10 April 2013
  • Summary: So I've had this for quite a while now. I used it to train for my latest marathon and used it in the race. It's nice in that it's smaller than the 305 that I was using previously. But the # of data fields it can display (due to the size) is 3 and I really wanted that 4th field. When I run a marathon I want to see: 1. current mile pace 2. overall pace per mile 3. total time 4. distance I found it frustrating only being able to select 3 of those 4.
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Watch OK HRM Strap NOT OK

PaddyPDX "PaddyPDX", Amazon
3 March 2013
  • Summary: The watch is good, except it shows %HRR on the watch, NOT %MHR and this cannot be adjusted. The HRM strap stops working after about a month and gives wildly erratic readings, even after following all recommended troubleshooting steps. Replaced it with a Polar brand soft strap which works flawlessly by comparison.
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Not for novices

Todd, Amazon
26 February 2013
  • Summary: I've had this now for several months, and I'm still trying to learn the features--and I consider myself tech savvy. The package doesn't include a manual, only a Quick Start Guide--actually, 12 of them in various languages. You have to download all the software online, and Garmin doesn't make it easy for you. There is no single place telling you all the software you need--I count four minimum that I had to hunt down and find--or in what order you should install them.
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Two complcated

Amazon Customer, Amazon
22 February 2013
  • Summary: I've had this thing (not sure what it is) now for two months, and i still haven't figured out how to use it. Wish I could figure out how to return it.
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Good features, but poor user interface and GPS/HRM sometimes unreliable.

Jon Moore, Amazon
2 December 2012
  • Summary: 4 stars for features, and integrates smoothly with the nice Garmin Connect website. 2 stars for usability. The menu system is dreadful (the worst in any piece of hardware of software that I own) and completely non-obvious to navigate. A completely simple interface (select/cancel/prev/next) would have been much better than this. It's easy to get in the middle of a workout with it being non-obvious how to get back to the main display for time etc.
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Not for the feint of heart, suggestion for bezel interface problem

SpotALoony, Amazon
14 October 2012
  • Summary: I rarely write reviews, as there are many others who express the pros and cons more concisely than I can. However after writing Garmin a scathing E-Mail about the bezel interface of the Forerunner of 410, in particular the finger gesture used to scroll between menu items, I started reading the reviews and became curious as to why some people appear to have no problems with the bezel interface and others have a difficult time with it.
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