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Logitech Wireless Speaker Z515

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Logitech Z515 Bluetooth Speaker Lighting Review: Twice The Size Of The Jawbone Jambox, But At Half The Price

Android Police
17 July 2011
  • Excerpt: However, the sound quality directly from a phone or tablet leaves much to be desired, to say the least. For that, you could just wire in some earbuds, but that doesn't help if you're trying to listen to music or watch a flick with other people. In that case, you need an external source of sound. Enter the Logitech Z515 Bluetooth speaker.
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Overall 7

Logitech Wireless Speaker Z515

PC Magazine
26 June 2011
  • Conclusion: If you care more about portability and wireless streaming, and less about high-quality audio performance, the Logitech Wireless Speaker Z515 is worth checking out.
  • Pros: Streams audio wirelessly via Bluetooth or USB dongle. Slim, lightweight design is easily portable. Built-in kickstand. Approximately ten hours of battery life.
  • Cons: Mediocre audio quality. Cannot handle high volumes without distortion, and there's no real bass response. Slightly overpriced.
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Overall 8

Logitech Wireless Speaker Z515 Review

7 April 2011
  • Summary: The Z515 is a nice portable speaker that users looking for heavy bass might want to reconsider. For other music fans just looking for a speaker with no wires, the Z515 will do the job well.
  • Pros: Bluetooth capability, USB wireless streaming, Internal battery
  • Cons: Weak bass
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Overall 5

Playlist Logitech Wireless Speaker Z515

25 February 2011
  • Excerpt: (1 items) Logitechs’s Wireless Speaker Z515 is a relatively affordable, rechargeable, wireless speaker system. The unit’s black-plastic shell takes a rectangular shape with rounded edges and a large, metal speaker grille on the front. At 13.8 inches wide, 5.4 inches tall, and just 3.3 inches deep at its thickest point, the Z515 is small and slim enough to fit in a laptop bag or carry-on, and the system weighs barely more than 2 pounds.
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Logitech Wireless Speaker Z515 Review

The Gadgeteer
11 January 2011
  • Excerpt: I’ve had nothing but laptops for several years now, and I’ll never go back to desktop computers. About the only thing I don’t like about laptops is their typically wimpy speakers. I don’t want to have to plug in external speakers and have my laptop tethered to them. The Logitech Wireless Z515 Speaker sounds perfect for my needs. It uses a USB wireless adapter that plugs into your computer to transmit sound to the speaker.
  • Pros: Portable, Rechargeable battery with 10-hour life, Sounds good, Can connect wirelessly to computers with USB adapter, Connects via Bluetooth to iPad or iPhone
  • Cons: Bass end is a bit lacking
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Overall 9

Logitech Wireless Speaker Z515 Review

Break it Down
23 December 2010
  • Excerpt: Summary The Logitech Z515 Wireless Speaker system is a well-built, portable, long-lasting wireless speaker meant to supplement a laptop or other portable computer’s audio system in times when you need a bit more audible umph from your laptop for a room; for example during a meeting. The Z515 ease of setup and use took us all of 10 seconds to get it plugged in and actually working after we first unboxed it; there is nothing more to the speaker, no hidden settings and no...
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Logitech Z515 Wireless Speakers: Because Your Laptop Speakers Suck

14 October 2010
  • Conclusion: If we're grading strictly on sound quality, the Logitech Z515 is a tough sell. If you're planning on paying $99 for a pair of speakers that will spend their useful life sitting at your desk, you can do a lot better. The Z515's an improvement on notebook speakers in any capacity, but if it's just going to be stationary throughout most of its life, you can do better with a pair of conventional computer speakers. Fortunately, we aren't grading strictly on sound quality.
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Logitech Wireless Speaker Z515

TechRadar UK
26 August 2011
  • Excerpt: Before Apple was touting integrating the AirPlay protocol into its iPad and iPhone range (and iMacs and, well, everything else) we got by just fine with Bluetooth, thank you very much.
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Logitech Z515 incelemesi

23 August 2011
  • Excerpt: Dizüstü bilgisayar kullananların en büyük sıkıntılarından biri bilgisayarlarının dahili hoparlörleriyle cihazlarından yüksek ve kaliteli ses alamamak. Bunun önüne geçmek için gereken ise iyi bir harici hoparlör. Bluetooth üzerinden iPhone ve iPad’le birlikte de kullanılabilen Logitech’in kablosuz hoparlörü Z515 tam bu amaca hizmet ediyor. Özel taşıma kılıfı sayesinde gidilen her yere kolaylıkla taşınabilen hoparlör, tatminkar bir ses kalitesine sahip.
  • Pros: Kolay taşınabilir olması, çekim mesafesi
  • Cons: Ses yükseldiğinde tizlerin bozulması
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Overall 8

Test : Logitech Wireless Speaker Z515.

Planet Sans Fil
10 May 2011
  • Excerpt: Logitech, fabriquant de matériel informatique que l’on ne présente plus, nous propose en test son Wireless Speaker compatible Ipad.
  • Pros: Pratique, connexion bluetooth pour Ipad, Design, Pas d’installation, House de rangement
  • Cons: Pas de télécommande, Autonomie
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