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Roxio Game Capture

Great Deal: $84.99

Reviews and Problems with Roxio Game Capture

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Overall 2


Luis C., Newegg
25 April 2014
  • Summary: I built a PC and now use video capture software. Very customizable and it won't degrade your graphics (viewing) quality.
  • Pros: Worked great for a month
  • Cons: After a month I started getting a lot of pixelation and other video corruption issues. For the price it has a really short warranty and does not come with HDMI cables. Passthrough cuts your viewing quality dramatically I've had for more than a year and have been trying to research fixed and still can't get it to work.
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Overall 8

Works Just Fine

strattus v., Newegg
18 April 2014
  • Summary: After burning out my old and outdated ADVC-100 I tried BM Intensity Pro Card and my system and capture software saw the card but it didn't work, at all so I RMA'd it back to NYC. for a refund, I was thinking about getting there USB 3 version and saw this on sale here at Newegg. So I took a gamble and it paid off. I now can ingest HD content to my system without any problems.
  • Pros: When you find a product that works just the way you want it to, that my friends is a pro. Also see other thoughts.
  • Cons: Short USB cable. Installation disc didn't have any Disc creation software.
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Overall 2

no delay my foot

Brandon R., Newegg
13 April 2014
  • Pros: None.
  • Cons: False advertising. I read on roxio forums that the hd capture card has a 2 second delay due to how the drivers work... It's not real time capture. Will be making a return shortly. Also does not cone with component av or hdmi cables
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Overall 6


Michael W., Newegg
6 May 2013
  • Summary: I don't know what changes when you run full screen but this definitely needs to be fixed, this is a terrible issue.
  • Pros: Update:
  • Cons: -Everyone that owns two radeon cards and runs crossfire know that if you run windowed it will disable one gpu, so running one card to record sucks.
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Overall 4


Anonymous, Newegg
28 January 2013
  • Summary: Can't complain about the picture quality of this. I should have realized that for $130 this wasn't going to be as good as an ElGato or something. The software it comes with freezes and crashes very regularly in spite of being on a relatively powerful computer.
  • Pros: - The captured video is good quality
  • Cons: - Both the capture and editing software this comes with freezes extremely frequently and pressing End Task in task manager won't even quit it sometimes
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Overall 6

not quite friendly

Jonathan R., Newegg
22 January 2013
  • Summary: people have been complaining of the delay between live gameplay and what actually gets displayed on their stream - during testing I started out with 5 seconds of delay, but by the time my session ended it was 5 minutes or more - not sure if this is the capture program unable to keep up with transcoding or my upload speed not able to spit out the data to the net fast enough - in any case, due to the work-arounds needed to get things working in proper order you would...
  • Pros: *Capture Quality
  • Cons: *Does not work with OBS
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Overall 2


Melissa B., Newegg
13 January 2013
  • Pros: There are only a few pros to this product released by Roxio. Really the only beneficial one is the fact that it supports HDMI input and output. This is all I can come up with.
  • Cons: This product does not go well with Windows 8 at all. The product will not work and most of the time will freeze when in use with windows 8. Also the website is not very stable. Also the servers for Roxio tend to be down quite a bit and do not allow me to access their website. The customer support is atrocious. I asked one specific question in a dozen different ways so they could understand it and they were still unable to understand what my problem was. Instead they a...
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Overall 10

Mine works great

Martin S., Newegg
30 December 2012
  • Summary: They could fix some of the bugs some people are talking about other than that I'm happy with my purchase.
  • Pros: Price, and it came with Mafia II for the PS3. I had the original Roxio Game Capture and was disappointed to find out they made an HD version a year after. So I sold my old one and bought this one. I'm using an HP laptop dual core AMD Processor basically stripped down model and have had very slit issues and this only happens when the laptop gets too hot so it has nothing to do with the capture card itself. For those saying your having issues about the lag time between ...
  • Cons: None really for the price you can't ask for better.
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Overall 8

it works

Anonymous, Newegg
10 December 2012
  • Summary: I got it when it was for sale.
  • Pros: Pq quality, sound is good, i cant believe people rate it bad simply bc they have to change sound setting. O wait nevermind :)
  • Cons: Should have live setting for slower laptops. Too much delay. Made from cheapest plastic known to man.
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Overall 6

"good but the new HD Pro version is better."

usargamers, CNET
24 November 2012
  • Pros: cheap good editing software easy to use
  • Cons: 480 unreliable lots of cords weird formats
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