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Laplink PCmover

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Reviews and Problems with Laplink PCmover

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Overall 4

Does not work as advertised.

imakegumbo, Ebay
27 May 2014
  • Summary: I bought this product to facilitate the transfer of my data from a workstation running Windows XP toan ell in one running Windows 8. Much of the data did not transfer I called and bought the expensive help package and they tried several time to transfer the data; I still had to buy and install several of the programs that it would not transfer. I would have been a $150 better off to have bought a Belkin Windows 8 transfer cable and the programs to begin with.
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Overall 2

I won't bother with this again

nelthomps, Ebay
5 May 2014
  • Summary: I used it to migrate from Win 7 32-bit to Win 7 64 bit. There was so much cleanup work after the migration that I should have saved my money. And it only works one time.
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Overall 8

Amazing product that can move nearly all of your old machine's contents.

pfzimmer, Ebay
3 May 2014
  • Summary: I needed to upgrade my 12 year old Dell 8200 with XP on it to a new Dell XP7800 Windows 7 machine. My old XP PC had nearly 100 programs on it and I was hoping to move most if not all programs, favorites, e-Mail, music, pictures, and documents folders to the new machine. I was not very optimistic that this could be done with any program which even Microsoft doesn't offer.
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Overall 2

PC Mover 10 pack. What a joke!

SUE C., Newegg
15 April 2014
  • Summary: No, I would NOT recommend this product.
  • Pros: Discounted price in a 10 pack bundle
  • Cons: Software is designed for home use. When moving domain users to new systems, it missed the permissions and settings despite being hooked to the domain prior to running the software. The software gives you the option to create a new domain user when moving the files and I did so but it dropped so many settings. So I call their advertised 24/7 support line just for LapLink PC Mover Pro.... and they inform me that line is for home users only. They give me another number t...
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Overall 2

It was a complete waste of time and money

zelielarryz, Ebay
10 April 2014
  • Summary: 1. Did not do what it said it would. 2. When I tried to re-install and try again, it wouldn't allow me to. I gave it one star only because the review required at least one star to post.
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Overall 2

Agreed with John G

Bryan B., Newegg
16 February 2014
  • Summary: I work with a Fortune 200 company and we were more than happy to try to get this to work.
  • Pros: Is able to migrate some machines and applications from Windows XP to Windows 7.
  • Cons: Microsoft has a free tool to transfer people from machine to machine and from Win XP to Win 7. Laplink claims that it can rewrite the application on the fly to support whichever model is needed but it just picks up a folderr location and registry entry and throws it int he new OS. If it sticks, great! If no, not PCMover's fault.
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Overall 2

Didn't work, comes with Laplink Ads

Melanie L., Newegg
5 January 2014
  • Summary: I'll take it back if I ever get it to:
  • Pros: It didn't ask me for the key I paid for?
  • Cons: Tries to install crapware. Locked up reading my registry on Windows 7 Ultimate, so I have yet to get it to go through.
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Overall 6

It should work

Samuel A., Newegg
3 January 2014
  • Summary: I have previously used this to migrate XP to XP and, for the most part, it was great.
  • Pros: Program runs as expected
  • Cons: Three out of four attempted migrations from XP to 7 x64 did NOT complete and had to be undone.
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Overall 10

Easier way to upgrade to a new computer

Eugene P., Newegg
12 December 2013
  • Summary: Overall it was easier that starting from scratch with a new computer and worth the money.
  • Pros: The software was very easy to install and use. It moved all the data and applications with a few issues.
  • Cons: The problem I encountered was that iTunes had to be reinstalled to work, but all my music worked fine after that. MS Office had to be registered. The application Stamps.com also had to be downloaded and reinstalled, but all my addresses were there. Adobe Photoshop had to be reinstalled and some fonts had to be reinstalled.
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Overall 2

toilet paper transfers better...

John G., Newegg
23 November 2013
  • Pros: it will keep folder structure
  • Cons: claims to transfer programs and registration to new computer. does not. for all of the programs that won't transfer, software metaphorically points the finger and says, "it's not my fault."
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