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Zeus: Master of Olympus

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Reviews and Problems with Zeus: Master of Olympus

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User Review

maskedman, Metacritic
8 November 2013
  • Summary: Very fun game, addictive and rich with all of its possibilities. The graphics, even though outdated, are charming and colorful making the game pleasant to play along with the Greek styled soundtrack.
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User Review

MadclownJack, Metacritic
30 April 2013
  • Summary: Good god, they sure don't make them like they used to. It's been 12 years since i first played this game and i gotta say it has aged well. A must play for city-sim fanatics, casual gamers and everyone in between. Google for widescreen mods.
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User Review

BigTimeOwen, Metacritic
23 March 2013
  • Summary: Zeus is by far one of the best city-builder and resource management games of all time. It baffles me that this game really hasn't had a bigger effect on modern games of the same genre. Ironically, though, the "full simulation" aspect of EA/Maxis' new Glassbox Engine does seem to emulate some of the same features. For instance, in Zeus you build a fountain to distribute water to households via water carriers.
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User Review

Ekaton, Metacritic
28 July 2012
  • Summary: Can't tell how many hours I've spent playing it since it's release, would probably go for thousands, anyway, this is one of my personal favorites of all time!
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User Review

not_good, Metacritic
5 December 2010
  • Summary: I don't even know what to say; this is one the the greatest games ever made. Years of city building developing experience went into this, and it shows. Truly an opus from an era that should have never ended. Don't forget to grab the expansion if you can find it, hopefully GoG will pick this up soon enough.
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Overall 10

Zeus: Master of Strategy Games

daftks, Ciao
16 July 2007
  • Excerpt: "...it came up to playing Master of Olympus, I was so thrilled and excited about this game I don't think my friends saw me for awhile. As the game title gives you pretty much most of the hint, this strategy game is based in ancient greece, where the glorious Zeus once ruled. However, as much as this suggests, lots of historical backgrounds and legends are mentioned during those times, it doesn't affect your gameplay at all; it merely sets a scene for ...
  • Pros: Good gameplay; entertained for hours
  • Cons: Not developed for Mac =(
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Overall 8

Zeus- Master of all Games

patrickg1..., Ciao
10 May 2004
  • Excerpt: "This game is a delightful stategy based on the life of the greeks. Your job is to build thriving communities that worship gods and try to survive attack from neighbouring cities and a life of poverty. You also need to deal with ferocious beasts in some levels. the only way to do that is with the help of a hero that will only offer his services when you have completed a few tasks. This is a very long lasting game with great sound quality. the only ...
  • Pros: good sound and longevity, many levels
  • Cons: jumpy movement and takes a while to get used to
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Overall 10

Smite ye all who don't buy this game

Traxia, Ciao
10 April 2004
  • Excerpt: "Think of all the things that annoyed you about Caesar and Pharoah. Can't think of anything? How about always needing a house within walking distance of your industries to make them work. How about suddenly have half your housing evolve and losing your workforce. Bizarres that need to be far away enough not to be detrimental to the housing but close enough to actually service the area. Walkers being dumb. The list goes on and on... Zeus is different. ...
  • Pros: Highly playable and addictive
  • Cons: Still has bugs after all this time
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Overall 8

Zeus - A great game

heather_c..., Ciao
4 April 2004
  • Excerpt: "...bought this game called "Zeus: Master of Olympus" about a year and a half ago because i love strategy games and needed an update to theme park and theme hospital. I bought this game as it looked different to games i had previously seen, with this game you can create your own greek myths. When you begin a game there are different episodes within this game, and to get onto the next episode you have to fulfill the requests of Zeus, this requires ...
  • Pros: organise a town, strategic game
  • Cons: can waste a lot of time playing, Single player only, cannot see battles
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Overall 2


"lisamarie96", Amazon
21 June 2003
  • Summary: This is an okay game. There is one problem. Whenever i get going and have a good economy something catched on fire or a plague comes about or another city state just so happens to come to conqour your city. Also the amount of game time it takes to build a full function city is to long. Also it takes to long to build things. For example i was building an Ares Stronghold ( 9 marble ) but in total adds up to about 24 marble, 48 wood and over 5000 dollors.
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