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Reviews and Problems with XIII

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User Review

punxploder, Metacritic
21 September 2014
  • Summary: XIII is a beautiful "riding on the rails" game. It's cute, and amusing, but when it comes to weapon variety, and explorability it's a real stinkaroo. It answer's the question "What if 'Archer' wasn't funny and had amnesia". Turn that into a FPS and you'd have this game. Don't get me wrong, the graphics, and presentation are entertaining. Put this in your gaming library, but don't brag about it. Everyone will laugh at you.
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Seriosity, Metacritic
11 July 2013
  • Summary: The visual presentation is impressive and the conspiracy story is intriguing, but the level design is frustrating and the gameplay tedious and uninspired.
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dejandeki, Metacritic
6 April 2012
  • Summary: This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Excellent game.It has only one - and that is saving , because you will always get game saved on last checkpoint.Everything else is for 10+ except graphic which is for 8.5 in my opinion .
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punkzu, Metacritic
12 December 2010
  • Summary: Such a outstanding storyline outweighs the shabby graphics and game engine and, for me, makes this a classic. However people must not forget the graphics are like that since this is based on a comic book series. I really enjoyed playing this game and am a little gutted there is no sequel :(. Definitely worth the buy.
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User Review

BigPond GameArena
6 October 2012
Overall 8

Not an unlucky number in this case

atytyut24..., Ciao
11 February 2009
  • Excerpt: "...and that made me buy XIII when it was brand new & just released. Its a great game, you spend time trying to find out who you are and trying to uncover a conspiracy. The game looks great, its easy to pick up & play and is very nice because every time you encounter a new weapon or gadget you normally get a little chance to test it before rushing off into battle. Except you won't be doing a lot of rushing. It's mainly sneaking, hiding and trying ...
  • Pros: Cool cartoony graphics and addictively difficult gameplay
  • Cons: Checkpoint system can be annoying
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Overall 10

One of a kind

daftks, Ciao
16 July 2007
  • Excerpt: "...Beach, with nothing but a XIII tattoo on his arm. From then on, more people are appearing in front of him, whether they may be bad or good, gradually his memory gets placed together piece by piece, but throughout that process he cannot fully trust anyone. Since it seems like the whole world is out to get him. Does he even remember what he did to get this sort of treatment? I think that's all the in-game information I can give without giving too ...
  • Pros: Easy controls, good gameplay
  • Cons: Saving checkpoints
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Overall 4

If you're a masochist

gecko_p, Ciao
23 September 2006
  • Excerpt: "This game starts off in a very promising fashion, and has a good plot to keep you interested. The visual sound effects and the graphics are very good on average, and it is a lot of fun to run around wreaking havoc in this comic book world! The problems all centre around the incredibly frustrating save game patterns. The game saves your progress (but not always) at checkpoints. I've been driven to extreme states of frustration and outright anger ...
  • Pros: Nice graphics, good comic book feel
  • Cons: Frustrating
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Overall 9

User Review

BigPond GameArena
3 January 2006
Overall 9

User Review

BigPond GameArena
26 November 2005
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