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Worms 4: Mayhem

Worms 4: Mayhem is returns to the series' roots, and our brave i Read more

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Reviews and Problems with Worms 4: Mayhem

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User Review

rusya_litak, Metacritic
15 February 2015
  • Summary: Вормс от третьего лица не самая удачная идея, но играть было вечело.....................................
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User Review

Noble_Nexus, Metacritic
3 September 2014
  • Summary: Worms was always a fun game to play with our brother and neighbors and friends, the side scrolling playstyle always worked well, but bring it all to 3D universe, was a great idea, the game has a good variety of weapons, a good set of items for customization, the worms voices are comical and make you smile often. maybe the worse part in this game is it's campaign, it's boring.
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User Review

Yaysuz, Metacritic
18 April 2014
  • Summary: Not as good as Armageddon but not the worst. But the AI only has 3 different setting. The "miss every turn and kill my teammates" setting. The "50/50 miss and hit" and the "hit everything and always win".
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Overall 8

A great worms game and the best 3d one in the series.

mundy5, Dooyoo
17 February 2010
  • Excerpt: Worms 4 mayhem is the 3rd 3d game in the worms series. It was released in 2005 for the pc,ps2 and xbox. Worms 4 is a 3d turn based action/strategy game. In this game there is a maximum of 4 players, human or ai. Each player takes it in turns to move one worm in there team, which usually comprises of 4 worms. In most modes there is a maximum of 60 seconds in your turn though this can be changed as the modes are fully customisable.
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Overall 8

'W' is for 'War' as well as 'Worms'

Ersatzkia..., Ciao
18 February 2006
  • Excerpt: For a beginner, the prospect of blowing up the most non-violent of God's creatures can alone seem a reason for buying the game. If, on the other hand, you've been playing Worms since its appearance (as I have), you'll also love the idea of completing challenges and tutorials in order to earn coins which can buy dozens of coveted items (such as punk hairstyles, extraordinary landscapes, and the oh-so-wonderful 'Holy Hand Grenade').
  • Pros: Tons of fun, excellent multiplayer, plenty of challenges .
  • Cons: Can be a little too addictive .  .  .  maybe .
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Overall 8

Should I tell everyone that I've got Worms?

Soadfan1, Ciao
15 November 2005
  • Excerpt: INTRODUCTION TO WORMS: Ah yes, the annual worms arguement. Is worms still any good? Or is it now just a dated retro throwback? Much like a sweet turd that just wont flush, it just keeps coming back to pop its head up and say hello. Only this time things have changed. Well actually they changed a while ago with worms 3d, but that wasnt really that good, so I'm here to tell you about worms 4, and why its actually a GOOD 3d conversion of a previously 2d classic.
  • Pros: Great gameplay, amazing online  play and inventive weapons
  • Cons: You cant import your own weapon designs, it's not quite Worms 1
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Overall 2

Code war gebraucht

Marcel Kutschker, Amazon
23 October 2014
  • Summary: Das Spiel war nicht zu gebrauchen, da der Code bereits benutzt war. Ich musste mir erst auf sehr dubiosen Internetseiten einen unbenutzten Code herraussuchen, um das Spiel überhaupt Starten zu können.
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Overall 2


Marc, Amazon
25 May 2014
  • Summary: Für alle, die z.B. wie ich Windows 7 (64 bit) haben, kauft euch nicht dass Spiel. Bei mir hat es meinen PC geschrottet. Erst sollte ich etwas installieren und meinen PC neustarten. Mein PC konnte nicht mehr starten und alle meine Daten sind weg. Systemwiederherstellung hat auch nicht funktioniert.
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Overall 4

V. Friedrich

V. F., Amazon
13 September 2013
  • Summary: Funktioniert leider auf meinem Windows 7 nicht. Aus Dank durfte ich meinen ganzen Rechner neu installieren da gar nichts mehr ging. Einen Pluspunkt gibt es nur, weil ich das Spiel gebraucht sehr günstig erstanden habe und der Zustand des Spieles mehr als top war.
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Overall 6


Dennis, Amazon
11 July 2013
  • Summary: Das Spiel macht super Spaß! Es ist immer wieder schön mit Freunden zu spielen. Optisch macht es immer noch was her und bleibt einer meiner Favoriten der Worms-Reihe. Das einzige Malheur was ich hier sehe ist der Preis. Nach so vielen Jahren kostet das Spiel knapp 40 Euro??
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