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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

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Reviews and Problems with Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

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Overall 6

Who Wants to be a Millionaire

RyanC92, Ciao
12 April 2008
  • Excerpt: "...Japan, and Italy. == RULES == In Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, the aim of the game is to give 15 correct answers, to 15 multiple choice questions, for the chance to win a massive, £1'000'000 ! . If you get stuck, there are three lifelines to help you out, 50/50, Phone A Friend, and 'Ask The Audience. When a contestant reaches question 5(£1000) and 10(£32'000) respectively, they reach what are known as milestones. These mean that even if a ...
  • Pros: VERY similar to TV show
  • Cons: repetative
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Overall 6

Who Wants to be a Millionaire (PC)

allyoxley, Ciao
25 May 2006
  • Excerpt: "...case you don;t know what Who Want's to be a Millionaire is, it is a quiz programme on ITV hosted by Chris Tarrant. It is set in a studio on a 1 to 1 basis and the object of the game is to answer questions correclty and as you do you climb a money ladder starting from £100 and ending on a £1,000,000. When asked a question you are given four possible answers to choose from. During the course of the game you have three lifelines you can use in case you ...
  • Pros: Similiar to TV Game
  • Cons: phone a friend irritating
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Overall 6

Is That Your Final Answer

adz_2k2, Ciao
28 June 2002
  • Excerpt: "...head with them and see who is more the brainbox and who can win more virtual money. There are three types of multiplayer game... 1. Fastest Finger... this is where more thna one player has a certain key on the keyboard to press when they think they know which order the answers go in. It seems quite simple, but if you get it wrong, you will not have another opportunity until everyone gets it wrong. This is probably the worst of the multiplayer modes. 2. ...
  • Pros: Fun to play with friends .
  • Cons: Not much fun on your own, questions begin repeating themselves after a few plays
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Overall 6

Who wants to be a millionaire. I do.

werdnajas, Ciao
8 June 2002
  • Excerpt: "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? I certainly do, and so can you when you play WWTBAM. The quiz show has STORMED over the world and has become one of (if not, the) most successful quiz show in the world. I remember saying to myself when it first came out, "this would make a great PC game", and it certainly does. The minimum requirements are as follows according to the manual: Windows 95/98 Pentium 266 16 Mb RAM 2MB video card (DX7 compliant) 70MB ...
  • Pros: Very accurate to the show
  • Cons: Lacks extra questions
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Overall 6

millionaire is ok

jakeshear..., Ciao
22 September 2001
  • Excerpt: "Who wants to be a millionaire is almost identical to the show you see on TV and even includes sound samples of phone a friend so that if you are ever stuck on a question you have an authentic TV style help. The game contains over 5000 questions so it will take a long time for you to get the same question twice. The questions are definitely as difficult, if not harder, than those seen on the show and it makes it hard to win any price from £250,000 ...
  • Pros: lots of questions
  • Cons: gets old quickly
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Overall 6

All The Excitement Of A Night In Bed

robsgirl, Ciao
21 September 2001
  • Excerpt: "...For those of you who are unaware, Who Wants To Be A Millionnaire is a TV gameshow in which contestants attempt to answer multiple choice questions to earn increasing amounts of money. The game for the PC was actually programmed by Eidos and thats a great sign in itself. Their previous titles include all the Championship Manager football series so you know you have good pedigree in the team. The group have actually gone for a totally realistic ...
  • Pros: Good novelty Value, Gives some fun when friends come over, Stores highest earnings scores
  • Cons: Wont last very long, 2 weeks of playing at most .
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Overall 6

Chris Tarrant please SHUT UP

wiggglypu..., Ciao
29 July 2001
  • Excerpt: "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire by Eidos Interactive is basically the TV show brought to your PC. Hard as I find it to believe anyone has managed to escape the hype and the premise of the show, I’ll explain (briefly)... you simply have to answer 15 questions in order to win a million pounds. These questions are multiple choice, and you have four possible answers for each. You have several options for game play. The standard one player game ...
  • Pros: Chance to win a million
  • Cons: It's a virtual million, poor graphics, too much Tarrant
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Overall 6

If you hav not had enough of Chris

sam123, Ciao
18 April 2001
  • Excerpt: "I have watched the game show, and like many at first I was glued to it, Chris Tarrant asking the questions, making the contestants sweat, whilst he take all the time he needs to reveal the correct answer. Having played this game on the P.C during Easter. I must admit I felt bored after a while. At first I thought yeah let me have a go, then the idea of sitting at a P.C hearing Chris Tarrant say all them to familiar words, ‘ Are you sure?’, ...
  • Pros: good game
  • Cons: can get v . boring
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Overall 6

The Day I Lost A Million Pounds

KarenUK, Ciao
16 March 2001
  • Excerpt: "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? (henceforth known as WWTBAM to save space) is probably the most successful quiz show on television, with impressive ratings consistently placing it in the top twenty most watched programmes. My kids love it, I think it's great and old dears in heated rollers watch it, while reading the latest issue of 'My Weekly'. It has a huge appeal. It is a basic human desire to watch people succeed – and fail. Look at the ...
  • Pros: fun, kids like it, easy to play, entertaining, competitive
  • Cons: no real money at stake (Call me mercenary, but .  .  . )
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Overall 6

Fab for a while

leahslad, Ciao
4 March 2001
  • Excerpt: "...is ridiculous, you dont know who they are so can't judge how well they will know the answer, in many cases I think its just as random a choice as if you chose it yourself. The 50/50 option is fine just as in the tv series, but the question ordering is ridiculous on occassions. I found a £64000 question asked me 'What country is considered the main economic power of the world?' For those who dont know the simple answer it's America, yet for £200 ...
  • Pros: Novelty Value means fun for a while
  • Cons: When the novelty wears off, its going to the attic to never been seen again, give it a week .
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