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6.3 out of 10

Unreal Tournament 2003

Great Deal: $39.95

Reviews and Problems with Unreal Tournament 2003

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User Review

Husamedin, Metacritic
4 August 2013
  • Summary: Kao i legendarni prvi dio sa novom grafikom i par noviteta, pucaj, pucaj i pucaj.......................................................................
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User Review

Euangelion3o9, Metacritic
19 February 2012
  • Summary: One of the greatest games when it was released. Extremely detailed maps, slick graphics, interesting weapons, and a whole lot of fun. Nice pace for a FPS.
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User Review

jwt7000, Metacritic
24 October 2011
  • Summary: Lack of some good game modes and in the need of more better maps is something I would want until UT2004 became the answer to this. Overall, a good game with some missing features.
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Overall 8

A good game if you're into FPS's, but otherwise, dificult to justify spending money on

adamp111, Dooyoo
3 June 2009
  • Excerpt: Playing Unreal Tournament 2003 is one of my favourite stress-relief activities; butchering huge numbers of unlucky characters from various fantasy worlds may not be everybody's cup of tea, but if it is, you'll find satisfaction in Unreal Tournament. The game is split into two main parts; a single player 'tournament' mode and a single/multiplayer 'skirmish' mode.
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Overall 6

Some more Unreality

existtoin..., Ciao
3 July 2007
  • Excerpt: "Unreal Tournament was one of the most intense, electrifying games in the history, and it was nothing less than a wonder among the First Person Shooters. But the sequel to the game went the other way, as it could offer nothing more than some better graphics. We have the next offerings in Unreal Tournament 2004 and 2007 which is to be released soon, but Unreal Tournament still stands as a void between two outstanding titles. Well, it does look better, ...
  • Pros: graphics, music, other effects, multiplayer
  • Cons: not enough options, some great features of the original are missing, not too realistic
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Overall 9

User Review

BigPond GameArena
22 February 2005
Overall 10

Grab yourself a great game and really cheap!

blue.summ..., Ciao
30 June 2004
  • Excerpt: "...2 and although the original Unreal game had great graphics, I just didn't enjoy it. When the demo for Unreal Tournament 2003 ("UT2003") came out and a friend persuaded me to try it, I found it to be much more like the Quake games: Fast, fun and with a physics engine that wasn't particularly realistic but allows for some great moves. **Game Play:** Whilst UT2003 does have a single player mode, it's a sort of tournament against the computer which ...
  • Pros: Addictive and keeps you coming back for more .
  • Cons: Best for multiplayer / online gaming .
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Overall 10

One of the best frag fest that you can have online!

chaoslegion, Amazon
23 June 2004
  • Summary: This game is great man. I just got it and I'm totally hooked on it. This is the first game ever to make me uninstall Counter Strike. My hard drive is sadly only 40gb for my newest gig and I had to uninstall Counter Strike to install this game. I first tried the demo which takes only about 200mb of my hard drive and I bought the full verision which was larger and forced me to uninstall CS.
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Overall 10

The New Gaming Mania

silverbla..., Ciao
26 May 2004
  • Excerpt: "Hi Guys, If you are looking for hard-core action in this summer, UT 2003 is the best. The game is based on a totally alien world with cool weapons, extra ordinary vehicles and some bright heroes.The wide range of weapn makes the game intresting and entertaining.Unlike the previous versions the graphics is much improved with a realistic touch.But if you have a low end system I wont recommend you to buy it.It wont work fine and all you can do is ...
  • Pros: Truly Fantastic with Cool graphics
  • Cons: Very Jerky on Low end systems
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Overall 10

Unreaaallly good . . .

UrkiE-UK, Ciao
6 May 2004
  • Excerpt: "...almost feel your surroundings in unreal tournament 2003, GOOD technology becomes a brilliant, new, and breathtaking experience. In short, Unreal tournament 2003 is exactly what it says on the box - new, unreal, and also a tournament. what do these things tell you? new means advanced, especially this time. Unreal means fantasy, imaginative and almost completely make-believe, while tournament means gameplay unlike most other shooters - fast-paced, ...
  • Pros: Graphics, Reputation, Large Online Base
  • Cons: needs broadband to play properly online, and an equally fast system to appreciate fully
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