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7.6 out of 10

The Serpent of Isis

In the early 1900`s the legendary artwork, the Serpent of Isis, Read more

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Reviews and Problems with The Serpent of Isis

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Overall 8

User review by krystal850

krystal850, Gamezebo
13 August 2012
  • Summary: I bought this game with zero expectations and was quite surprised. After overcoming a few glitchy things.. like figuring out that nothing in your inventory or anything else can be accessed while dialogue is up for example, I found this game very entertaining. A decent story with a good amount of chapters (8) and a lot of interaction with a cast of characters. My one peeve was that none of the mini games had any instructions what so ever. geez.
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Overall 8

User review by roseisa

roseisa, Gamezebo
20 June 2012
  • Summary: Despite the clunky item menu, this game was really fun. The storyline moves along at an easy pace. I finished the game in under 4 hours because, I did not play continuously but did a chapter over seven days. Robert and Sophie were intelligent characters, no snarky comments when you use the wrong item. The puzzles are probably considered rather easy for experienced game players and the HO scenes were not hard on the eyes.
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Overall 8

User review by greengem418

greengem418, Gamezebo
7 April 2012
  • Summary: This was a pretty average HO/Adventure game to me, but I don't know.. I still rather enjoyed it. Graphics were pretty good. Liked that they had it divided into chapters, so there were only a few spots you knew you had to backtrack through. It was like a big scavenger hunt for the next clue to discovering the secret of Isis.
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Overall 8

User review by sotong

sotong, Gamezebo
27 July 2011
  • Summary: Very good game. Beautiful graphics. Lots of attention to details. The cut-scenes were very good and I even liked the end credits lol! Story is very good and it kept me interested throughout. Plenty of hidden objects scenes and also the puzzles were really fun. A few were a little more challenging than the rest. Plenty of hints by finding special objects in each chapter. No diary/journal to read (yay!
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Overall 8

User review by emmalynne

emmalynne, Gamezebo
15 April 2011
  • Summary: After a mediocre demo, I found the rest of this game surprisingly entertaining. I played the original some time ago and enjoyed it, and this one is quite different, in both graphics and game play. As in the original you search for specific items during each chapter (scrolls in one, rings in another, etc.) which is a feature I enjoyed in the first, but this time is seemed a little shoe-horned into the game.
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Overall 4

User review by cakefordinner

cakefordinner, Gamezebo
11 April 2011
  • Summary: Apparently, I never played the first one (or, I have dain bramage), because I thought this one, outside of the graphics, audio and apparent story, was a tedious waste of my time. Great graphics don't make up for tedious gameplay where you have to click on everything twice, after you click away the inane "this is what you just did" dialog. Am I going to review the whole game? Not only no, but HELL no. I couldn't stand it enough to continue playing.
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Overall 8

User review by Mummze_1

Mummze_1, Gamezebo
9 April 2011
  • Summary: This game is just as enjoyable to play as the first one, and by now the wonderfully drawn cartoon figures with the blinking eyes are a famiar part of the game series. The graphics are very nice, the puzzles are very clever. The Hidden Objects are not invisible. The story is a legend/fantasy, but it is nicely done and not so far over the top, that I had to skip the whole story. It gave me many hours of enjoyment; it is a nice game. I hope there will be a continuation.
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Overall 8

User review by jkf

jkf, Gamezebo
15 March 2011
  • Summary: This was a very enjoyable game which I was looking forward to playing after I had played the first one awhile ago. The game continues on where it left off in the first game. Its not required that you play the first one to play this game but it gives you a good understanding of who the characters are and find humor in the little reminders of what they did previously.
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Overall 6

User review by Miranda22

Miranda22, Gamezebo
14 March 2011
  • Summary: I liked the first Serpent pretty much, so decided to give this one a try - with mixed results. Not being a CE was an early attraction. Game is pretty standard adventure HOG involving travel via map to obtain the usual collection of ancient artifacts. Game is plenty long, but I relied more and more on a WT as it progressed - partly out of boredom. Too little instruction for the puzzles, but they can be skipped.
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Overall 10

User review by wildt

wildt, Gamezebo
7 March 2011
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