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Reviews and Problems with Symphony

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Overall 9

Blade Symphony review

PCGamer Online
21 May 2014
  • Conclusion: Blade Symphony's duels are electrifying and intimate, more than making up for a lack of content.
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Blade Symphony Review

16 May 2014
  • Excerpt: "Nice to meet you. Now let's kill each other!" It's a rather unsettling way to greet someone, but in essence, that's exactly how Blade Symphony's frenzied duels to the death begin. This is murder of the most courteous sort. Bowing is optional, though the vast majority of opponents you cross swords with afford you this sign of respect before they try to slice you in twain in this multiplayer dueling fest.
  • Pros: Lots of unlockable swords and customization options, Deep swordfighting mechanics are accessible and exciting
  • Cons: Limited characters, maps, and gameplay options, Incomplete tutorial tops a long list of unfinished rough patches in the game design, Lots of visual glitches pop up in and out of battle
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Overall 3
Looks 1


13 January 2013
  • Excerpt: Mash together Space Invaders, Geometry Wars and Guitar Hero; what you get is Symphony by Empty Clip Studios. The premise is simple; alien invaders are attacking your music and it is up to you to save it by controlling a spaceship and destroying anything that stands in your way. The game allows players to add in their own music libraries, by doing so it also enables greater weapon unlocks for the spaceship once a song is completed.
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Overall 8

Orchestrated Excellence

22 September 2012
  • Excerpt: Hey once again, Time Wasters! This week I jumped on the chance to play a rhythm based game that's been sitting there waiting for me to install it for a while now, and am I ever glad I did. One of your typical play styles for PC music games, Symphony didn't differ that much from some others I've played.
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Overall 8

(PC Review) Symphony

The Entertainment Depot
20 September 2012
  • Summary: The concept may sound like Beat Hazard , and the game may look like Geometry Wars , but Symphony is a sufficiently unique experience to warrant a solid look. It makes fantastic use of your music collection by expertly linking its own heartbeat—spawn syncing and eye-popping visual insanity—to the individual songs, tying it all together with a paper-thin storyline that nevertheless provides an actual game-like structure to something that could easily have been labeled a...
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31 August 2012
  • Excerpt: There is a malevolent demon in your music collection... can you battle your own beats to defeat it?
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Overall 7

Review: Symphony

New Gamer Nation
24 August 2012
  • Conclusion: Final Verdict: Fun gameplay, delightful visuals, and an interesting metagame make Symphony a solid take on the procedural music genre. Playing with your own music is always going to be cool regardless, but UI issues and odd restrictions somewhat hamper the experience.
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Review: Symphony

Everyday Gamers
17 August 2012
  • Excerpt: In the last couple years, the “Play Your Music” Genre has really exploded; from Audiosurf, to Beat-Hazard, each new entry enhances the existing formula and helps it hit new high notes.  Enter Symphony, a new game from Empty Clip Studios. Symphony twists the genre by adding loot and customization to a Gradius-style schmup, but does it sing, or just hit flat notes?
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Symphony review

13 August 2012
  • Excerpt: There’s something satisfying about using your own music in a game. Whether it’s just importing the music to listen to in the background, creating custom dance steps to songs in the many Dance Dance Revolution clones out there or even creating in game avatars of your CDs as in Monster Rancher , it’s a good feeling to know you are influencing the gameplay and making your experience truly unique.
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Overall 2

Fun arcade space shooter set to your own music collection.

Common Sense Media
24 June 2012
  • Summary: Parents need to know that Symphony is an arcade space shooter set to your own music. You spend your time shooting at alien ships, but no aliens are shown being shot, just ships. Players see flashes of light representing the shooting. The deep voice and enemy eyes seen at the start of the game might bother some kids.
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