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Star Trek: Bridge Commander
5.5 out of 10

Star Trek: Bridge Commander

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Reviews and Problems with Star Trek: Bridge Commander

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Overall 6

Star Trek: Bridge Commander

Game Over Online
12 March 2015
  • Excerpt: In Star Trek: Bridge Commander, you are the captain of a starship. But wait, that's not all. You are in command of a Galaxy Class ship after your captain dies in an unexpected supernova. As the chapters unfold, you find yourself leading the investigation into the supernova.
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Star Trek Bridge Commander

The Armchair Empire
8 January 2003
  • Conclusion: The flight aspect looks great -- all of the ships are beautifully rendered and actually show quadrant damage much like one would expect from the show. Hit a nacelle with constant barrages and it’ll start smoking; concentrated fire to a portion of the hull will cause it to leak atmospheric gas… and...
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Star Trek: Bridge Commander (Demo)

9 July 2002
  • Conclusion: Judging from the demo, it looks like Activision and Totally Games have created a winner. If you ever wanted to see how someone can make a good first impression, then this is how you do it. I just can't get enough of playing the demo, and cannot wait to get my hands on the final copy of the game.
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Star Trek: Bridge Commander Review

games xtreme
16 March 2002
  • Summary: Strap into the center seat, sit back with some Earl Grey, and enjoy.
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Overall 9

Star Trek: Bridge Commander

13 March 2002
  • Conclusion: I have already mentioned that the voice acting and the musical score is top-notch and that it should help you greatly to get in the Trek spirit. The graphics on the other hand are a mixed bag of blessings.
  • Pros: Excellent game design decisions and solutions that will surely appeal to every Trek fan; intuitive interface, story, voice acting, traces of non-linearity;
  • Cons: Being a STBC Captain can feel a bit claustrophobic (sitting in that comfy chair all the time). Having to do tedious choirs for God knows how many times. Enemy AI could've been a bit smarter. Weapon effects and explosions just aren't spectacular enough.
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Overall 8

Totally Games has managed to accurately translate the slow-paced tactical battles of the Star Trek universe into an interesting game.

11 March 2002
  • Summary: For more than a decade, Larry Holland and the team of developers at Totally Games have consistently released acclaimed simulations. After releasing a trio of critically and commercially successful World War II combat flight sims, Totally Games abandoned realistic simulations and opted to produce the...
  • Pros: N/A
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Overall 8
Gameplay 8
Graphics 7
Sound 9

Star Trek: Bridge Commander

28 February 2002
  • Excerpt: In an age where most Star Trek games failed to deliver most of their potential, Totally games tries to emerge us in a world of mystery, deceive and loads of debris.
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Overall 7

Wenig Spiel, aber ein tolles Star-Trek-Flair.

PC Games
28 February 2003
Overall 9

Star Trek: Bridge Commander

13 November 2002
  • Excerpt: A Star Trek-rajongók egyik legnagyobb álma, hogy egyszer ők is a kapitányi székbe ülhessenek, és a legénységnek dirigálva, technoblabla nyelven beszélve, romulánokat és klingonokat intézzenek el a jól felfegyverzett hajójukon, vagy épp a Bolygók Egyesült Föderációjának a területét diplomáciai úton...
  • Pros: + A Star Trek világát idéző külcsín, + Remekül irányítható hajók, + Szórakoztató többjátékos lehetőség, + Fülbemászó dallamok és jó hangok...
  • Cons: - ...amelyek kár, hogy nem az eredetiek, - Túlságosan lineáris
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Overall 8

Review: "Star Trek - Bridge Commander" (PC)

19 May 2002
  • Excerpt: Computerlogbuch der Dauntless, Sternzeit 54672.8 - Captain Durden Die Dauntless wurde ins Vesuvi-System geschickt, um für eine Nachschublieferung zu sorgen. Unglücklicherweise liegt Vesuvi mitten im Maelstrom, ein als sehr unwirtlich für Humanoide eingestufter Ort in der Galaxie.
  • Pros: Gute Grafik, Stimmungsvolle Musik, Gute Umsetzung, Tolle Spielidee
  • Cons: Nicht perfekte Steuerung, Auf die Dauer langweilig, Texte nicht lippensynchron
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