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Resident Evil 6

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Reviews and Problems with Resident Evil 6

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Prepare for a flood... of zombies!

8 February 2014
  • Conclusion: I still don't understand how or why Ada Wong is white now.
  • Pros: Throwing a grenade into a crowd of 40 zombies and watching the pieces fly.
  • Cons: They fixed almost nothing!
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Resident Evil 6 Review

19 April 2013
  • Excerpt: Like the various strains of the mutagenic C-Virus, Resident Evil is a series that likes to instigate change. But it's also a franchise that all too often finds itself caught within its own history, and between the landmark horror of the original and the tense action revival of Resident Evil 4, with all the other successes and failures scattered between, Resident Evil 6 emerges with the bold intention of encapsulating absolutely everything about the series.
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Resident Evil 6

3 April 2013
  • Excerpt: The high octane zombie bulletfest that is Resident Evil 6 is back for more on PC. Will it be as polarizing?
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Overall 9

Resident Evil 6 (PC) Review

1 April 2013
  • Excerpt: Capcom brings the latest entry to the PC finally. Find out how much has changed in our full review.
  • Pros: + Graphics are sharp, + Adds even more content, + Patches have fixed a lot of the issues
  • Cons: Still lacks proper tutorial, New modes are disappointing
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Overall 7

Resident Evil 6 Review

29 March 2013
  • Summary: Objectively, Resi 6 is a mixed bag of nice ideas and disappointing flaws. Subjectively, I enjoyed the vast majority of it, and I'll keep going back to Mercenaries. It's cheap, big, and probably worth a punt. Or, if you like: 'Ahh! I'd buy it at this lower price.
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Overall 7
Gameplay 8
Funfactor 6

Resident Evil 6

Digital Chumps
26 March 2013
  • Conclusion: Resident Evil 6 for the PC is a step up in terms of content and visuals, but a considerable leap down in terms of controls. Give me the console version over this one any day of the week.
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Overall 3

Expert Review

23 November 2012
  • Conclusion: After almost a decade of a tried and true gameplay style, Capcom released what would come to be one of their best games. Resident Evil 4 took an original franchise and flipped it on its head entirely. No more painted backdrops and overhead firing. Those had been replaced with over-the-shoulder shots, and completely explorable levels. It was a true step forward for Resident Evil, and one that's been repeated many times.
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Overall 5

Resident Evil 6 [Review] – The horror of QTEs

2 October 2012
  • Summary: Immensely disappointing. Big changes needed for Resident Evil 7.
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OXCGN’s Resident Evil 6 Review

10 February 2014
  • Conclusion: Well that was good fun: all in all it took well over 40 hours of game play and two Xbox 360s (my first box died a quiet and mysterious death after only a few hours of being introduced to Resident Evil 6 and I must thank TheGamer.com.au for supplying me with a new console). I consumed 3 whole pizzas, 6 rocket and parmesan salads, about a litre of cider, 1 bottle of champagne and 2 family blocks of chocolate whilst playing this game (and I’m supposed to be cosplaying as...
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Overall 6

Biohazard Warnings–Resident Evil 6 review

16 September 2013
  • Excerpt: I’m just going to confess this right now: I never saw the appeal with the early Resident Evil games. Even when we had nothing better, the silly dialogue, unworkable controls, and atrocious camera placement always kept early Resident Evil games out of my sphere of interest. Then came Resident Evil 4, with it’s over-the-shoulder camera, it’s incredible AI, and it’s bleak Spanish mise en scene , and I suddenly found myself on the bandwagon.
  • Pros: Interesting enemy design, Some decent voice work, Story is interesting, if a bit cheesy and overwrought, New characters are welcome additions, Lots of content
  • Cons: Ugly environmental textures, Truly abominable Quick Time Events, Controls are sluggish, imprecise, Abrupt difficulty spikes, Lack of identity
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