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Resident Evil 6
7.9 out of 10

Resident Evil 6

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Reviews and Problems with Resident Evil 6

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Prepare for a flood... of zombies!

8 February 2014
  • Conclusion: I still don't understand how or why Ada Wong is white now.
  • Pros: Throwing a grenade into a crowd of 40 zombies and watching the pieces fly.
  • Cons: They fixed almost nothing!
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Overall 5

Expert Review

14 May 2013
  • Summary: Readers, I hope you haven’t genuinely experienced this but imagine you had a friend, a really great friend with a ton of potential. This friend did something great once—maybe they scored the winning goal in a high school football game, maybe they were valedictorian, or gave an amazing performance in...
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Resident Evil 6 Review

19 April 2013
  • Excerpt: Like the various strains of the mutagenic C-Virus, Resident Evil is a series that likes to instigate change. But it's also a franchise that all too often finds itself caught within its own history, and between the landmark horror of the original and the tense action revival of Resident Evil 4, with...
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Resident Evil 6

3 April 2013
  • Excerpt: The high octane zombie bulletfest that is Resident Evil 6 is back for more on PC. Will it be as polarizing?
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Overall 9

Resident Evil 6 (PC) Review

1 April 2013
  • Excerpt: Capcom brings the latest entry to the PC finally. Find out how much has changed in our full review.
  • Pros: + Graphics are sharp, + Adds even more content, + Patches have fixed a lot of the issues
  • Cons: Still lacks proper tutorial, New modes are disappointing
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Overall 7

Resident Evil 6 Review

29 March 2013
  • Summary: Objectively, Resi 6 is a mixed bag of nice ideas and disappointing flaws. Subjectively, I enjoyed the vast majority of it, and I'll keep going back to Mercenaries. It's cheap, big, and probably worth a punt. Or, if you like: 'Ahh! I'd buy it at this lower price.'
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Overall 7
Gameplay 8
Funfactor 6

Resident Evil 6

Digital Chumps
26 March 2013
  • Conclusion: Resident Evil 6 for the PC is a step up in terms of content and visuals, but a considerable leap down in terms of controls. Give me the console version over this one any day of the week.
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Overall 3

Expert Review

23 November 2012
  • Conclusion: After almost a decade of a tried and true gameplay style, Capcom released what would come to be one of their best games. Resident Evil 4 took an original franchise and flipped it on its head entirely. No more painted backdrops and overhead firing.
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Overall 5

Resident Evil 6 [Review] – The horror of QTEs

2 October 2012
  • Summary: Immensely disappointing. Big changes needed for Resident Evil 7.
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OXCGN’s Resident Evil 6 Review

10 February 2014
  • Conclusion: Well that was good fun: all in all it took well over 40 hours of game play and two Xbox 360s (my first box died a quiet and mysterious death after only a few hours of being introduced to Resident Evil 6 and I must thank TheGamer.com.au for supplying me with a new console).
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