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Reviews and Problems with Renegade

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Overall 8

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Rhort, Ciao
24 January 2003
  • Excerpt: "I know it’s called C&C Renegade, but this isn’t RTS, it’s a FPS set in the C&C universe. This is probably my second favourite game, after Wolfenstein, but to be honest, if you’re planning to play it online, and trust me, that’s where MOST of the fun of it lies, you’re going to need a fast connection, as it’s pretty unplayable on anything less than a 256k line (don’t even try on a modem!) because it ...
  • Pros: Exceptionally entertaining, keeps you playing for hours and hours; most fun you can have with your pants on
  • Cons: Exceptionally entertaining, keeps you playing for hours and hours; partners nagging about the amount of time taken up by it
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Overall 10

What an amazing game

ninja-666, Ciao
30 October 2002
  • Excerpt: "...and other first person shooters, Renegade will have you glued to you monitor for hours on end learning the maps, the enemy's tactics, and tacking out squadrons of enemies at a time with weapons such as C4 and grenades. The multiplayer game is AMAZING to say the least. Based on the same playing style as the single player, you will soon be calling upon your resources to launch ion cannon attacks, build helicopters, and enable yourself to use a huge ...
  • Pros: Extremely addictive
  • Cons: can become repetative
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Overall 8

Action as much you need

pyromane8, Ciao
26 October 2002
  • Excerpt: "I remember it was in 1998, when I read in a magazine that a game called ‘Command and Conquer-Renegade’ will be released in the end of 1998. Now, 3 long years later it finally is. Of course, 3 years more for the designers means a better game. And it is a good game. I would say each computer gamer has heard about ‘Command and Conquer’, a nice strategicall game. But in ‘Renegade is no place for strategy or thinking, ...
  • Pros: much action
  • Cons: easy
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Overall 10

Command and Conquer Evolved

Danbuckle..., Ciao
10 April 2002
  • Excerpt: "...Person shooters! Command and Conquer Renegade sees you step into the shoes of the wisecracking and rebellious commando, Havoc, from the original C&C game, with a twist. It?s in full 3D! The FMVs can be quite funny, with Havoc's blatant disregard for authority! Structures, buildings, weapons, all are given a new lease of life in this game set to revolutionize Westwood?s corner of the market. The single player game offers you the chance ...
  • Pros: Graphics, Sound, Multiplayer
  • Cons: Needs a High - Spec PC
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Overall 10

Superb game

m_2_smith, Ciao
25 March 2002
  • Excerpt: "Multiplayer, this game rocks. Okay the graphics are not as good when compared to Medal of Honour but sometimes you need to look beyond the graphics to gameplay. This game promotes team play, which although other games do this as well such as counterstrike, it is possible to win in counterstrike without team play. This game not only encourages team play but enforces it by way of base defences which cannot be taken out alone. There are a lot of ...
  • Pros: Multiplay is superb
  • Cons: Single player and graphics are not upto scratch
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Overall 6

The Rattle and Hum of War

Paddys_ba..., Ciao
21 March 2002
  • Excerpt: "...shooter. C & C Renegade runs along the same lines as the previous C & C games, 2 opposing forces (GDI & NOD) battling for domination, which will keep C & C fans happy. You have all the troops, weapons, vehicles & buildings as in the previous games. The only real difference is the conversion to a first person shooter where you are in control of one character rather than an entire empire. The plot is exactly the same as in previous games too ... ...
  • Pros: A 1st person shooter .   Plenty of weapons to use .   Ability to use vehicles .   Variation of mission locations .   Nice graphics & Gameplay .
  • Cons: Nothing out of the ordinary unfortunately .  Expensive for what you get .   Maybe too many cutscenes .
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