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Quest for Glory 5: Dragon Fire

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Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire

Just Adventure
12 November 2012
  • Excerpt: The category in Final Jeopardy is 1998. And the answer is the Brian Setzer Orchestra, Orson Welles's A Touch of Evil and Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire. The question? Name the three biggest anachronisms of 1998. As all you hep cats know, the Brian Setzer Orchestra has revived jive and the Dirty Boogie, Orson Welles's 40-year old celluloid masterpiece A Touch of Evil has been restored and rereleased to critical acclaim, and Lori Cole's Quest for Glory V is a return to the...
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15 April 2010

Quest for Glory 5: Dragon Fire by gsd

1 March 2010
  • Excerpt: Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire I've always been a big Sierra fan, but for a long time I avoided the Quest For Glory (QFG) series because of the RPG elements. Then, a couple of years ago, I decided to see what the series was about. Dragon Fire was the only one I could find at the time, so the game I started with was the last in the series. It didn't matter, because the game stands on its own.
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Overall 6

Expert Review

Adventure Gamers
8 January 2010
  • Conclusion: In any case, both players new and old should find something to entertain them in the appealing humour, well-written dialogue, a bit of monster bashing, and the many quests and other activities available. The game may not excel in any one area, and it is much more of an action-driven game than ever before, but none of its weaknesses are enough to spoil the fun that can be found. The characters may lack depth, but that won’t stop you from laughing with them.
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Overall 8

Quest for Glory V will have you burning the midnight oil

12 May 1999
  • Excerpt: To start off, let me say that Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire is hot. Graphics, sound and story all combine to make this title one that you simply mush have in your collection. Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire is a side view and side-scrolling graphic adventure and role playing game, and interestingly enough, is completely different from the two other games that Sierra put out at about the same time.
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Overall 8

Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire

Adventure Classic Gaming
28 March 1999
  • Excerpt: Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire is a game that exists largely due to its strong fan base. After the disappointing sales of Quest for Glory: Shadows of Darkness, Sierra On-Line temporarily shelves the series. Eventually, fans convince the company to allow co-creator Lori Cole to finish the epic story. Since its inception, the game has found itself in a position of living up to a great legacy.
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Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire Review

28 December 1998
  • Excerpt: I have been a Quest for Glory fan since I played the first Hero's Quest over seven years ago. Although I have always loved role-playing games, I never really played too many adventure games. But Hero's Quest blended the two genres together into a greater whole that I found instantly appealing.
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Overall 9

Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire

Game Over Online
20 December 1998
  • Conclusion: Overall Impression: This game has failed to make me feel disappointed in any way, except slightly for the fact that it requires 400 megabytes of hard disk space. All elements of this game have been incorporated to make this one of my year's favourite games. In a few words, this game is truly brilliant and anyone who thinks not, has had their brain fried by Quake or is on an illegal substance.
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Overall 7
Gameplay 7
Graphics 5
Sound 8
Lastability 8

Quest for Glory V : Dragon Fire

12 May 2004
  • Excerpt: Avec la mode de la 3D à toutes les sauces, on n'avait pas eu droit à un vrai jeu d'aventure 2D de puis longtemps. Dans le plus pur style Sierra, la série des Quest For Glory continue...
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