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Project IGI

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Overall 10

Project IGI debrief

djtmj, Ciao
23 June 2008
  • Excerpt: "Project IGI, quality game and very cheap. You play as David Jones from IGI taking on a variety of missions and levels, from planting bombs on enemy tanks and fuel dumps, to excaping from snowy Russian mountains when your helicopter was shot down. Think, stealth mixed with gunhoe madness in one. "Think your way in shoot your way out." This game is for any standard as at the first few levels are easy and they quickly get harder. The game ...
  • Pros: Cost, Quality and gameplay
  • Cons: Realism
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Overall 10

Superb game , shame no-one knows about it

seen206, Ciao
15 March 2007
  • Excerpt: "Set in the modern day with maps in snow, mountains and desert terrain this game has a good mix of missions. With a convincing storyline backed up by good cinematic clips in between missions. It leaves your always wanting to complete the next level to get ever closer to the elusive 'EKK'. The maps are simply immense as no terrain is unreachable and the physical maps go on forever. In this game you will never reach so called 'out of bounds' (as once ...
  • Pros: Excellent gameplay/Playablity
  • Cons: Some graphics glitches, None of your friends will ever of heard of it
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Overall 8

Good game, crap title.

TheDuke, Ciao
16 October 2003
  • Excerpt: "In Project:IGI (which stands for "I'm Going In" and will now be known from now on as IGI) you play David Llewellyn Jones, an ex-sas officer recruited by an anonymous counter-terrorist organisation to retrieve a stolen American nuclear warhead from what appears to be a Russian crime syndicate headed by members of the Pribori family. Jones is aided on this mission by Anya, an agent of the counter terrorist force who supplies him with mission updates ...
  • Pros: Huge sized levels, decent graphics and sound, good range of weapons, more realistic than other games of this genre .
  • Cons: Crap A . I . , terrible building design .
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Overall 6

Project IGI Hes going in!

jonty68, Ciao
31 July 2003
  • Excerpt: "Well what a great idea for a game... some dudes have stolen a nuclear weapon...nice to see the guys at Eidos are really pushing there writers into original plots(!) So what would make the game stand out from a fairly overused plot? We will see! ---Graphics--- The graphics are pretty ok, not up to photo-realism by far but definitely away from primitive cartoons seen in some games. The people look...average, scenery is quite nice and tanks and ...
  • Pros: Great gameplay, cheap to buy
  • Cons: poor intelligence if you can call it that
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Overall 6

Above average

superosti..., Ciao
2 July 2003
  • Excerpt: "The game itself isn't bad graphically should you push the resolution to 1600 x 1200 but this is quite a high resolution and isn't within reach of some graphics cards. Playability is good, but the AI of some soldiers leaves a lot to be desired. Gadgetery and guns is good. The use of the shift key as the action button is annoying especially since the quick pressing of it activates window's sticky key function. The story line is a bit lame but its not ...
  • Pros: Quite catchy
  • Cons: Not much of challenge
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Overall 4

A botched opportunity

SirLink, Ciao
23 May 2003
  • Excerpt: "...abound in computer-game design, and Project IGI held great promise with its mission-based, covert-ops first-person shooter focus, near-limitless viewing distances, and dazzling, huge outdoor vistas. Certainly, Innerloop's clever use of the Joint Strike Fighter flight-sim engine delivers an amazing visual experience. You can snipe from across huge maps, and realistically fire bullets through thin walls. Unfortunately, that's about all you get with ...
  • Pros: The sniping is great; huge levels with impressive viewing distances
  • Cons: :  Levels all look the same; not enough sniping; horrible enemy AI; cheating problems
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Overall 8

The Continuation

Kimea, Ciao
3 March 2003
  • Excerpt: "...able to miss Cogreen Strike: Project IGI. IGI 2: Covert Strike is the continuation, quite simply. You thus go to be able to again embody the agent David Jones, and cross the world to avoid the destruction by massive weapons of destruction stemming from the ancient east block.. With the difference of the majority of the quakelike, IGI 2: Covert Strike will require to you a good amount of patience and discretion. Do not hope to end the game in a single ...
  • Pros: Read my op  : o)
  • Cons: Read my op  : o)
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Overall 6

Project I'm getting Irritable

Dohnutter, Ciao
13 May 2002
  • Excerpt: "...the Ciao website, and that Project IGI is now out on budget, I thought it might be a good idea to write a review. This game could be so, so good, but overall, its just so so. You move through the game,playing as ex SAS soldier David Llewelyn Jones, completing levels trying to rescue Proboi. The first few levels are easy, but you soon realise that lack of a save game feature becomes exceedingly annoying in the larger later levels. Most of the commands ...
  • Pros: Its Vast
  • Cons: Its let down by poor AI
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Overall 8

A great game wasted by lack of support...

Del_Boy, Ciao
18 August 2001
  • Excerpt: "First before I get to the criticsms I will go over the good parts, Graphics ******** Using a modified engine from a flight sim, ensures that this game can show vast distances with ease. The graphics are good, whilst not being outstanding. A disappointment is the limited amount of death animations that the enemies have. If you have a decent PC with a lot of ram, then you can up the resolution and graphics details to maximum. The almost compulsory ...
  • Pros: Great graphics, Runs well on a variety of machines, Good weapons and recoil effects
  • Cons: Lack of AI, Lack of savegame feature, Lack of multiplayer
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Overall 10

A pretty good game

Goran, Ciao
9 August 2001
  • Excerpt: "...just bought one. I've just bought Project IGI and have played it non-stop. Having been a devoted fan of the Rainbow Six series, for a while now, I was just dying to get more action! Unfortunately the next Rainbow 6 game doesn't come out until October, so I just had to buy something to fit in as a snack! Project IGI is more than a snack, it's a meal! This game has got a rather interesting story compared to some other action games. Like many action ...
  • Pros: Good weapons, sounds and graphics .  Interesting game - play
  • Cons: The soldiers don't always react to your gunfire or the sight of someone being shot next to them .
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