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Pirates of the Caribbean

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Reviews and Problems with Pirates of the Caribbean

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User Review

Contemptible, Metacritic
16 October 2011
  • Summary: I am still unsure what to rate this game. I think it deserves a 7 for its graphics and sailing game play. I found this game incredibly challenging. I might not have been playing it correctly but I had to save continuously and because the character is so weak in combat at the start it was so hard to board and take ships. I really dislike the default controls. In fact there is a lot that is bad about it (GLITCCHHHYYYY).
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Overall 8


blaud, Empire Online
23 May 2008
  • Summary: Like the gta of the sea- a very good game but the absence of any film-related material makes for lack of interest. The freedom and open-ended gameplay is superb however. Durable for a couple of hours at a time.... sometimes ...
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Overall 6

Not quite the game of the film...

CaptainDi..., Ciao
11 June 2007
  • Excerpt: "Loosely based on the first Pirates of the Caribbean film, this game puts you in the role of a young sea captain setting out from a little English port, off to make his fortune. This game though was designed not for the movie fan however, it’s very much a game in its own right without much in common with the film. In fact apart from the location and the fact that your character looks a little like Will Turner, there’s really not much similarity to ...
  • Pros: Nice graphics and sound, lots of quests, large game world .  .  .
  • Cons: .  .  .  awful controls .  .  .
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Overall 8


staceyann90, Empire Online
29 July 2006
  • Summary: I think this film wasnt as good as the first but i did love it. I think these kind of films should be made more often because you don't really see films with pirates. Anyway, this film is great, it is better than all the other ones around. ...
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Overall 8

I'm off to hunt me a Pirate!

Pleasurem..., Ciao
26 March 2006
  • Excerpt: "Price: Under £10 PEGI Rating: 12+ Availability: Everywhere First off, this game has very little in common with the recent film of the same name, except the appearance at seemingly random points of the "Black Pearl", which for those who haven't seen the film is a ship crewed by undead skeletons who appear human until viewed in moonlight. It was obviously made as a film tie-in however, with the same logos and the aforementioned ghost-ship. ...
  • Pros: Long life and pretty good replay value, along with wonderful graphics
  • Cons: The control system can take a little getting used to and the sea battles are not for realism fanatics !
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Overall 6

A Respectable Alternative to Any RPG

RageWithin, Play.com
19 October 2005
  • Conclusion: Award winning developers "Bethesda" have moved away from the traditional fantasy RPG (Elder Scrolls) to bring you a refreshing new setting, the golden age of piracy and high seas adventure. Pirates of the Caribbean. In the beginning of the story you are a Captain of the 1st rank, in charge of a small crew and ship. You have a various amount of skills to improve and build around your style of gameplay.
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Overall 10


Krysztof, Play.com
3 October 2005
  • Conclusion: Dont listen to the person who rated it 1*. This game is worth all 5* for sure. Its just an amazing world and your a normal handy man who can follow the story line and help the goverment i think it is or do what i do and go out there grab a handful of crew and buy a ship and go out on the sea and raid the other boats for a good sea battle or board there ship for amazing gameplay or perhaps invading a pirate camp and looting there goods.
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RE: Brilliant

Empire Online
4 August 2005
  • Summary: The game is good for a couple of hours but interest is pretty short. damn repetitive ...
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Overall 2

Only looks good on the surface.

icefalcon "icefalcon", Amazon
22 June 2004
  • Summary: Pirates of the caribbean is a very good 'looking' game. It has some very attractive features. Unfortunately it is SO sloppy it's not worth trying to get around the problems. First, the manual is almost useless. There are aspects of game place that the manual doesn't even begin to describe. There are sections of the manual that are completely missing. As others have mentioned, there are BUGS. Plenty of them.
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Overall 4

I wasted $50 on this.

Ian Schenck, Amazon
20 June 2004
  • Summary: First off, there are like two games in this, which would make one think that it would be great. 1. The RPG gameplay is pathetic, it is to hard, and at night, you cannot see whatsoever. 2. You cannot defeat ships or even hit the ships. BAD! 3. TERRIBLE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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