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Painkiller: Resurrection
4.9 out of 10

Painkiller: Resurrection

Great Deal: $12.49

Reviews and Problems with Painkiller: Resurrection

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User Review

JanDadan, Metacritic
3 October 2013
  • Summary: It´s a shame that it was rushed out early, I kinda liked the spin the guys put in with the vast, open levels instead of the small, closed areas of the previous games. If you can live with that change in gameplay and the bugs, it´s a pretty good game with damn cool comic sequences.
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This game is the example of the ultimate failure of the development. It's a disaster to the PK franchise...

Marshock, Overclock
16 April 2013
  • Excerpt: Story and presentation: there is no point in telling the story, since this is a "gun and run" shooter.. Who cares anyway.. The presentation is weak with cartoony cheap intro pics, no animation here. The character looks like a drunk Max Payne just got beat up.. The title after the loading looks extremely cheap, like it might have been drawn by a 7 year old kid.
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Overall 10

Painkiller Resurrection, awesome addition to this game series.

dougdemidio718, Ebay
2 April 2012
  • Summary: Great game. Any fan of first person shooters will love this. Run and gun your way through tons of baddies with awesome weapons of destruction. Awesome graphics and some huge levels make this a perfect addition to the Painkiller series.
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User Review

mr_lahey, Metacritic
5 January 2012
  • Summary: As a serious hardcore fan of Painkiller (yes I even liked Overdose), this one had so much potential but was in the end a technical trainwreck. The maps were fairly diverse (but way too few of them), and they had some imaginative and fairly creepy aspects. There was definitely some atmosphere here - which was half the charm of the originals.
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User Review

21 September 2011
  • Summary: Well... there's not much like about this game except you can find cheats on the Internet that will get you through the boring parts of the game, which is pretty much most of the game. The game crashed a lot and I couldn't find a patch to fix anything. The graphics were OK in spots but the sound was not so good, a few times I just turned the sound off on my speakers. The silence was golden.
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Overall 4


undertker31, Ebay
9 May 2011
  • Summary: fast delivery but the instalation on my pc did not want to install i also bought the unreal antholy game that worked fine i have a quad 4 procesor and a gforce 9700 video carh and 8 gig memory so it shouldve installed with no problems
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User Review

spartan-117, Metacritic
5 March 2011
  • Summary: Let's see: Graphics-hm...ok...7 Sound-Funny...6 Music-wow...10 Gameplay-Kill everything...vast levels...nice-9 Atmosphere-Like hell-8 I don't like the cut-scenes and the protagonist...3 Weapons-Boring..5 Total-7...deserves a 7...
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User Review

Arkveveen, Metacritic
22 November 2010
  • Summary: Although much time has passed since the release of this game and it's previous installments, I still greatly enjoy this game no matter what problems it possesses. Yes, the game is riddled with bugs, design flaws, and strange 'holes' you'll find in the various areas. It's a game that should of remained as a mod, but I feel that I didn't waste my money with this one, as with the other Although much time has passed since the release of this game and it's previous...
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Overall 6

Painkiller Resurrection

dishymars, Ebay
2 November 2010
  • Summary: Painkiller Resurrection is essentially a game that was made using the original Painkiller in game editor by people who had good intentions but lacked the understanding as to how to use the engine efficiently. The result is that you get 'a new installment' with all new levels, but one that lacks the professionalism of the original designers. Some nice ideas and new things to see are plagued by stuttering frames per second and very difficult game mechanics.
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Overall 8

Great game.

gilbertq001, Ebay
27 December 2009
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