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Overall 10


Zone-2000, Ciao
25 August 2008
  • Excerpt: "The game is evil alright ! you start from a destroyed castle with a side kick cute goblin, and another cute joker goblin to practice your fighting skills on even though later in the game you have access to gladiator arena. The story line is great and fun, basically you want to be EVIL ! but instead you help people in a evil way and people are the main source of your missions from time to time, not just that you can create armies of different kinds ...
  • Pros: You will keep playing it for healthy period
  • Cons: Very high requirements even though, in some countries its cover says something else
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Overall 10

Evil reigns supreme

existtoin..., Ciao
13 August 2007
  • Excerpt: "Overlord may be on of the most innovative games Codemasters have ever produced. The game is seriously evil, and you can choose to be more evil in the game as you are already the evil overlord, the leader of a number of goblins who await your commands. The fairy tales just seems to have taken a twist here, as you are to fight the "evil" halflings, elves and dwarves in their homelands, who were on the side of good in most of the stories and the ones ...
  • Pros: new concept, great graphics & sound, the kool goblins
  • Cons: complicated, too much controls confuse the gamer
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Overall 10

awesome overlord

brinlarde..., Ciao
11 July 2007
  • Excerpt: "...where there once was an overlord (you) who ruled the land. but a group of seven heroes overthrew you and destroyed your domain. however there power went to there heads and corruption overthrew them, you must now awake and reclaim what was yours. many years later you are awoken by a group of minions lead by gnarl a character that helps you throughout the game. you are almost immediately taken straight out in to the twisted land of the halflings; ...
  • Pros: great game mechanics animation and graphics
  • Cons: too short only 35 hours of gamplay
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Overall 8

Overlord perspective

j_t_24, Ciao
2 July 2007
  • Excerpt: "I can honestly say that Overlord has been a new and refreshing experience for a hardened gamer like myself (by hardened i mean someone who spends most of his free time gaming, and the rest thinking about gaming). Sad heh? Although the idea behind the game (being as bad as you can in a fantasy world) is similar to some previous well known tiltles there are details which i find compelling. Firstly the story. Simple but effective is the phrase ...
  • Pros: Good Fun
  • Cons: Not evil enough
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Overall 2

A board game

anotherwi..., Ciao
18 December 2000
  • Excerpt: "This game should have been a board game, because it is about that much fun. Actually, I have had some good times playing monopoly - none playing this. It was a Christmas present you see... and I wish I had the guts to ask for the receipt so I could have taken the damn thing back. It is based around a board-game style cubed board and you never see any of the 'killer combat' you are meant to be in control of. It is the computer version of stratego, ...
  • Pros: good as an example of how not to make a game
  • Cons: everything i can think of
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Overall 10

Cyberpunk takes an ugly turn

digitalbu..., Ciao
5 August 2000
  • Excerpt: "Chaos Overlords... hehe. What shall I say? A brief description: you take control of a criminal organisation in the far future. Your objective - to wipe out the competition and take control of a grid based city full of scum and mutants, terrorising the population as you go. Hire and equip gangs ranging from mutant kung-fu monks to disco freaks, from the Sewer Rats to the Bankers, and use them to take control of city sectors, cause chaos (and ...
  • Pros: Quick to get into, great for multiplayer
  • Cons: Soundtrack makes your ears bleed
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Overall 10


pedro victor delm..., Bondfaro
6 April 2014
Overall 8


DoloresClaiborne, Ciao
28 April 2012
  • Excerpt: Overlord si è rivelato una magnifica sorpresa. Il prodotto realizzato da Codemaster non si limita ad avere uno schema di gioco originale, ma graficamente si presenta in modo spettacolare ed avvincente. Anche le premesse non sono affatto banali: noi vest ...
  • Pros: *  *  *  *
  • Cons: -
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Overall 8

Böse sein ist geil

teufelskrieger, Ciao
26 May 2009
  • Summary: Vor allem, wenn es keinerlei Konsequenzen nach sich zieht. Was ich genau meine und warum denn böse sein geil ist, das erfahrt ihr in meinem Erfahrungsbericht weiter unten. Wie der Titel des Spiel, seid ihr ein Overlord, wiedererweckt von euren Untertanen und euer Königreich liegt in Schutt und Asche. Euer dunkler Turm ist ein Haufen Scherben, aber ihr habt ein paar unterwürfige Anhänger und die nächstgelegenen Dorfbewohner haben alles andere als Angst vor euch.
  • Pros: - geniales Spielprinzip mit der Befehligung seiner eigenen Untertanen, super schwarzer Humor, Graf
  • Cons: - Steuerung gewöhnungsbedürftig, ein paar dämliche Quests
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User Review

Tiscali Games
23 March 2009
  • Summary: Autor: Martin Holas Publikováno: 1.července 2007 Verze hry: finální/anglická/PC Doba recenzování: 4 dny Trhá vílám křidýlka, drtí ocelovou botou hobití lebky a kolem krku má pověšený náhrdelník ze zubů padlých hrdinů dobra. Ano, je to on, monsieur Overlord ve fantasy rubačce, kde se spolu se skřetími pomocníky postavíte na opačnou stranu barikády. Detaily v první české recenzi.
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