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7.7 out of 10

Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer

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Reviews and Problems with Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer

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Overall 6

Good expansion to a mediocre game

Flizbap "Tall for a short guy", Amazon
2 May 2013
  • Summary: I tried EVERYTHING in my power to enjoy Neverwinter Nights 2, I bought both expansions, I threw myself into it both online and single player, tried my hardest to enjoy the INCREDIBLY immersive story, and interesting fleshed out characters... To no avail, the gameplay is simply annoying, and the A.I. is terrible, pathfinding is a joke for a game this new and the expansion fixes none of that.
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Overall 6

Over done

Harvey Wren Jr. "hwmonky", Amazon
16 December 2008
  • Summary: Never winter did such a great job with their design and control of the game until they decided to get fancy, if you can call it that. The new game is a big hassle to play, the cures gets in the way and you spend a large portion of your time dealing with keeping your energy up. I got so fed up with it that I just quit halfway through the game and deleted it from my system.
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Overall 6

high degree of difficulty and frustration outweigh depth, fun

Amazon Customer "Ed Stackler", Amazon
29 January 2008
  • Summary: The "spirit-eater" aspect to this game makes it ridiculously, rigidly difficult to do anything, get anywhere, without backing yourself into a dire situation you can't escape from, much less function in. Fortunately, online I found a cheat code to turn it off, and then the game became enjoyable. Either I'm a total RPG wimp, or else this game is for a more hardcore type of player.
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Overall 6

Definite Improvement! :)

kwani-kwa..., Ciao
16 September 2008
  • Excerpt: Mask of the Betrayer feels more completed and finished than its predecessor which felt rushed, and has the intriguing setting of Rashemen. Spirits, Hags and Red Wizards are abound. There's load of new content too: the plane touched Genasi. There are four different types, air, fire, earth and water. The water ones have particularly cool effects. There's the half-drow which are basically the same as half elves but have darkvision. Go figure.
  • Pros: Shinier, prettier graphics, new features&settings, replay and roleplay experience
  • Cons: the camera is still shoddy, spirit eater mechanism can detract from gameplay& some glitches
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Overall 6

Let your heart fill with blackness and hunger

StormyA1, Ciao
17 February 2008
  • Excerpt: Following on from NWN2, this game has better qualities and even more actions to choose from, be surprised what you can do. You start from the end of NWN2 and immediatley things are different!!! Look out and choose a strong character even in easy mode its difficult so be an experienced player. There is so much to the game in one small area of the map there is so much to do and a deep dark secret lies in the walls, very macabre.
  • Pros: Open your mind and you are blown away
  • Cons: When do you stop
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Overall 6

Buona espansione, ma non convince del tutto

waffy7, Ciao
16 May 2011
  • Excerpt: ...Ho finito tutte le serie di Planescape Torment, Baldur's Gate 1-2, Icewind Dale 1-2 e Neverwinter Nights 1. Neverwinter Nights 2 si distacca leggermente da tutti questi giochi, anche se resta un valido prodotto. L' espansione Mask of the Betrayer è coinvo ...
  • Pros: Sempre coinvolgente
  • Cons: Nuova modalità divoratore di anime, qualche bug da risolvere
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