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NBA 2K13
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NBA 2K13

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NBA 2K13 - Video Review

2 April 2013

Review: NBA 2K13 Wii U is the same great game with some ignorable GamePad features

27 November 2012
  • Excerpt: The best basketball game on the market has brought its talents to South Beach the Wii U. NBA 2K13 Wii U is the same great basketball game available on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Ports can sometimes have a few hiccups, though, as details get lost in translation and features get cut. Luckily, that's not the case with NBA 2K13 on the Wii U. The only difference is some GamePad features, but we'll touch on a bit of everything.
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Overall 9
Design 9
Gameplay 9

NBA 2K13

5 October 2012
  • Excerpt: The unusually long lifecycle of the current console generation has left developers of sports franchises in a tough predicament: how to keep an annual series fresh while dealing with the limitations associated with aging technology. For its eighth season on Xbox 360 and seventh on PlayStation 3, the developers enlisted the help of one of basketball's living legends: Jay Z.
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Review: NBA 2K13 is the best there currently is, but still room for improvement

3 October 2012
  • Excerpt: Now that NBA LIVE 13 has been canceled, there's really only one game for NBA fans to turn to. Thankfully, that game happens to be NBA 2K13 , the newest installment in a series that many already consider to be the best basketball simulation on the market. Without much competition, there really wasn't a lot 2K Games had to do to win over consumers, but that didn't stop them from making improvements on last year's already solid game.
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Overall 9
Graphics 8
Sound 7
Control 8
Addiction 9

NBA 2K13 Review

Cheat Code Central
2 October 2012
Overall 5

Expert Review

2 December 1997
  • Summary: By and large, most games founded upon feature-length movies have fared poorly in the marketplace. The reasons are fairly obvious. Tethered to a storyline that, for all intents and purposes, was designed to unfold at breakneck speed or rely upon various cinematic devices to propel the plot, most game translations have failed to capture the same compelling intensity and epic workmanship that was expressly developed for the silver screen.
  • Pros: N/A
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Overall 9

NBA 2K13 review

3 August 2011
  • Summary: With the competition taking an extended time-out, Visual Concepts needn't perform a full-court press, and it's easy to imagine the team dropping the ball, but 2K13 is another slam dunk that has more features than this sentence has questionable basketball puns. Nothing but net.
  • Pros: Great presentation. Improved control layout. Better teammate AI. A range of auxiliary modes add significant value.
  • Cons: Some learning curves.
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Overall 10

NBA 2K13

2 days ago
  • Summary: We kunnen er nog meer woorden aan wijden, maar het feit blijft dat NBA 2K13 een ijzersterke basketbalgame is. Nee, dat nemen we terug. Het is dé beste basketbalgame die we ooit gespeeld hebben. Een gewaagde uitspraak, maar wel één waar we de ballen voor hebben om het te roepen. Alles is tot in de puntjes verzorgd. Het speelt lekkerder dan ooit, en heeft een zeer diepgaande gameplay. Beter dan dit krijg je ze niet. Een virtuele NBA-ervaring die zijn weerga niet kent.
  • Pros: Animaties en signature moves, Zeer uitgebreide gameplay en modi, MyCareer als hoogtepunt, Jay Z als Executive Producer, Control stick, Voice Control met Kinect
  • Cons: Het menu dat 'verborgen' zit onder de rechter analoge stick is wat onoverzichtelijk, Soms wat glitches in online gameplay, zoals het plotseling verdwijnen van het scoreboard, Justin Bieber?, Geen Voice Control voor andere platformen dan de Xbox 360
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NBA 2K13

16 January 2013
  • Summary: Gar keine Frage: Die Wii U-Version inszeniert ebenso herrlichen Basketballsport wie jene für Xbox 360 und PlayStation 3. Außerdem wurde sie inhaltlich nicht so kastriert wie die PC-Version. Damit ist NBA 2K13 auf Nintendos frisch geschlüpfter Konsole das intensivste, ansehnlichste und umfangreichste Sportspiel.
  • Pros: frisches Spielgefühl dank neuer Steuerung, starke Gegner-KI, die..., zig defensive Möglichkeiten, aber..., verbesserte Kollisionsabfrage & Animationsphsyik, neuer "Mein Team"-Modus mit Sammelkartenflair, neue Signature-Skills bereichern Karriere, besseres schnelles Pass-Spiel in die Spitze, universelle virtuelle Währung (offline und online), noch edlere Präsentation dank Def-Jam-Juwelier, unglaubliches Wurf- & Bewegungsarsenal, mehr Kommunikation & Feedback in der Kar...
  • Cons: neue Steuerung nicht gut erklärt, keine Übungen, ...immer noch zu viel antizipiert, ...unheimlich schwieriges Blocken, immer noch Clippings/Ineinanderlaufen, Teamchemie spielt keine Rolle, einige unaufhaltsame Automatismen, Online- Modus immer noch nicht ganz sauber, keine historischen Matches mehr, einige schwache Profigesichter (Nowitzki, Kaman), einfaches Pass- Spiel wirkt unnötig fehleranfällig, manchmal unklare Menüführung, immer noch lange Ladezeiten, mageres Ha...
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Overall 9

NBA 2K13

Push Start
2 December 2012
  • Excerpt: Este título é um daqueles casos típicos, em que um jogador sem grande background no tema em questão se torna, não num pro (aliás muito longe disso), mas num verdadeiro defensor de jogos de desporto. Para escapar um pouco ao ruído dos sempre tão falados PES 2013 e FIFA 13 , mas sem esquecer o desporto como tema, eis que surge NBA2K13 , com o basquete em primeiro plano.
  • Pros: Jogabilidade realista | Gráficos detalhados | Retrato fiel do desporto
  • Cons: Menus complexos e muito pouco intuitivos
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