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6.7 out of 10

Loki: Heroes of Mythology

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Reviews and Problems with Loki: Heroes of Mythology

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User Review

koval321, Metacritic
6 December 2014
  • Summary: This game is crazy because on one map is probably thousand enemies so am wonder how much would be to kill for complete game probably trillions. And there is nothing good in visual or music any atmosphere whatsoever during play. Completely ugly and pointless game. Am actually give it try tested few characters and it look original, menu and some inventory look promising but this gameplay is This game is crazy because on one map is probably thousand enemies so am wonder how...
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Overall 2

As I said elsewhere it is crap.

tfrost5585, Ebay
9 April 2014
  • Summary: It's crap. Total crap. Nothing but crap. I have nothing to say except that it is crap. Crap, crap, crap, crap and more crap. It is only my opinion that it is crap. It is only slightly better crap than most of the pc games of that era although some of those were better than the crap of today but this is only scatologically speaking. I hope this review helps.
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User Review

Xyled777, Metacritic
28 November 2013
  • Summary: I was very pleased with this game, from the pleasing graphics, quests and skill system to the finish, it was well worth playing! Good RPG games are few and far between so we found and played this at a time where no other RPGs were out. Very glad we found it!
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User Review

hansen1981, Metacritic
17 September 2013
  • Summary: Worst Action RPG that i play. Usability? Interesting story? Beatiful world? Amusive quests? Forget about that. Monotonous, boring, gray... Oh yeah. I can hand out my compliments very long. I just say don't buy this game.
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User Review

NerdHero, Metacritic
22 July 2012
Overall 10

A good game for rpgers.

thorwulfgar, Ebay
10 January 2012

User Review

DeGreZet, Metacritic
14 September 2011
  • Summary: Loki is good game but only some hours. After 3-4 hours this game is very boring. Only going and kill all stupid enemies. Locations is very bad because it look same. Only 4 heroes.....but all have different story and region to play. Graphics is not bad but enemies look similarly. Animation isn't very good.... Loki isn't bad game but too no good.
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Overall 4

buggy as hell but still fun

gbsweetpie3, Ebay
8 September 2011
  • Summary: This is a fun game, if you don't mind all the bugs and lag. I don't understand why DreamCatcher and Cyanide studio do not update the patches for this game. I really like playing this game even though I have to put up with all the bugs. So have a lot of patience and have fun.Not as good as Diablo II but still fun.
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Overall 8

Loki is a must have for all mature gamers !!!

timothykoins, Ebay
5 September 2011
  • Summary: Great game for myth buffs. You are a Hero for the Gods and thrash those who defy their will.This long lasting game that has Cool and realistic graphics make for a hard to walk away from experience. Loki is a must have for all mature gamers. The metallic case is worth the money.
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Overall 8

This is a great game for horders.

klunckychris1, Ebay
24 August 2011
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