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King Arthur II

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Reviews and Problems with King Arthur II

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Overall 7

King Arthur II - The Role-playing Wargame

2 September 2013
  • Summary: You look at a list of new PC releases. The list is populated by arcane words and you sense strong magic at work behind the somehow familiar titles. To your surprise, the list asks you in an inaudible voice, "Do you like tactical battles with large fantasy armies, but don't know The Art of War and The Book of Five Rings by heart?" Curious, you answer "Yes." The strange list then asks you another question.
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Overall 6

Expert Review

Realm of Gaming
9 July 2012
  • Excerpt: You know that friend, the one with a sort of awkward brilliance? A certain excess of intellect and good intention that rarely translates into charm or wit, that is too often stifled by stiffness? You do admire them and want them to succeed: after all, they know what they're trying to do, they're ambitious and capable, and yet - you really hate to say it - they just fall flat. I just can't help but say the same of Paradox Interactive's King Arthur II.
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King Arthur II Review

23 May 2012
  • Summary: At first, I thought I was going to get more out of strategy than role-playing, but King Arthur II’s role-playing aspect clearly outshines the strategy portion. It was nice to play a text-based adventure game with some really good voice acting that came with a real-time strategy component. I did enjoy how the decisions didn’t have a major impact on the ending, but could help you temporarily.
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Review: King Arthur II The Role-Playing War Game (PC)

Diehard GameFAN
10 May 2012
  • Summary: King Arthur II The Role-Playing War Game offers an interesting mix of role-playing and real time strategy genre coupled with some very impressive, if sometimes buggy, graphics. If you can get around the somewhat lackluster controls, the game is pretty solid and offers an interesting take on the Arthurian legend, picking up where they left off with the first game.
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Overall 8

King Arthur 2: The Role Playing Wargame review

PCGamer Online
15 April 2012
  • Conclusion: It’s light on the strategy, but an intriguing dark fantasy tale and RPG elements lift King Arthur II above the average.
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Review: King Arthur II : The Role-Playing Wargame

Everyday Gamers
1 March 2012
  • Summary: I have to admit, I had a rough time going learning the mechanics and features of the game. It was a bit of a steep climb to familiarize myself with the game, and part of that was because I did expect it to fit more easily into the molds of a Heroes of Might and Magic title or a Total War franchise title.
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Overall 7

King Arthur II: The Role-Playing Wargame Review

22 February 2012
  • Excerpt: King Arthur 2 surprised me with its approach to the RTS genre by adding such an in-depth story mechanic. Although this may become a bit boring for some players, it certainly adds to the story.
  • Pros: + Long Campaign, + Welcomes all levels of player, + In depth tutorials
  • Cons: Terrible narration, Awkward camera, Can get boring
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Overall 8
Gameplay 8
Graphics 7
Sound 8
Longevity 8

King Arthur 2 Review

17 February 2012
  • Summary: King Arthur 2 treads a fine line between combat strategy and diplomacy, but does it come together as a cohesive whole?
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Overall 8

I shall taunt you a second time!

Game Debate
15 February 2012
  • Excerpt: People just love to bandy around the term ‘role-playing’ these days, have you noticed? Everyone and his pet monkey seems to feature role-playing elements. What this used to mean is that you play a role – assume the persona of a character other than yourself, like an actor taking a part in a play or movie. These days it basically means that if you do something for long enough in-game, you’ll get better at it.
  • Pros: Good story, Voice acting, Some great improvements
  • Cons: Load times, Voice acting!
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King Arthur II: Role-playing Wargame

Talking About Games
14 February 2012
  • Excerpt: King Arthur II’s title can be a bit misleading. Hearing King Arthur, Role-playing, or War game conjures certain pictures which you’d be forgiven for imagining, particularly if you had any experience with the original title. While King Arthur 2 does feature all of those things in its own way, and hasn’t strayed terribly far from [...
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