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7.2 out of 10

Jagged Alliance: Back in Action

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Reviews and Problems with Jagged Alliance: Back in Action

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Overall 4
Gameplay 4
Graphics 8
Sound 8
Lastability 4

Good idea vs poor execution

thantos , GameStop
10 February 2012
  • Summary: Jagged alliance could have been a really solid title, with quite a bit to offer and a interesting game take for tactical company command. I was really happy with the different weapons and night/day ops and feel of the game play. The game though is over run with game breaking bugs and technical issues that make it currently unplayable. Squad members receiving orders to stand idle for minutes at a time getting shot to death is the most annoying that comes to mind.
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Overall 4

Jagged Alliance 3: Back In Action (PC): Another classic franchise ruined....

Burning_Darkness, Dooyoo
14 July 2012
  • Summary: The original Jagged Alliance game came out in the mid-90s, around the same time as UFO: Enemy Unknown and its sequel XCOM- Terror From The Deep. Like them, JA was a turn-based tactical strategy game with added micromanagement elements. Instead of fighting aliens however, JA had you controlling a team of mercenaries fighting to free the people of some obscure carribbean island from the clutches of an evil dictator.
  • Pros: nice intro, ok visuals, reasonably faithful remake in some aspects
  • Cons: core game mechanics have been ruined, terrible voice acting, totally lacking in charm.
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Overall 4

"Not Jagged Alliance 2 remade"

Etienne, Mighty Ape
29 March 2012
  • Summary: Even thought they call it a Jagged Alliance 2 remake and it is the same setting and story of Jagged Alliance 2, it is definitely not as good as Jagged Alliance 2. They have removed many features that was in Jagged Alliance 2, such as Fog of War so you can always see where all the enemies are. They also have fewer weapons, you can only place explosives at preset points.
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Overall 4

User Review

Skofield, tenstars.ru
31 March 2012
  • Excerpt: Вот за что я не люблю такие наши игры, так это за их картонность. можно до бесконечности ругать стратегии и тактики за угловатую графику, маленькую детализацию и скучные локации. но если нет самого главного - интересного геймплея, все это сущие пустяки. обидно что COREPLAY сгубили хорошую русскую серию тактических экшнов, играть в 3-ую часть я вообще не смог.
  • Pros: Улучшенный движок игры, Если совсем не во что поиграть, можно позаниматься мазохизмом в этой игре, так как убивать вас тут будут каждые 2 минуты
  • Cons: Убогая механика игры, нет пошаговости, дурацкий сюжет, скучные локации по сравнению с предыдущими играми
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