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Ittle Dew
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Ittle Dew

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Ittle Dew Review

True PC gaming
29 September 2013
  • Summary: Ittle Dew is a fantastic albeit short puzzle adventure game. The art style is stunning and consists of highly polished animations. Ludosity have created a gem which not only honours the Zelda series, but create its own identity.
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Overall 7
Gameplay 1
Graphics 1
Sound 1
Versatility 1
Funfactor 1

Ittle Dew (PC) Review

14 August 2013
  • Summary: Ittle Dew (It’ll Do) is an interesting puzzle game that is only really appreciated if you like the Sokoban puzzle game. If you do, then you’ll love this game and the twists it presents. If you don’t, you might enjoy it at first, but it’ll start to aggravate you later on.
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Ittle Dew

29 July 2013
  • Excerpt: I like Ittle Dew a lot more now I’ve finished it than I did at various points during playing it. But then I loved it at various points during playing it. So, well, this should be helpful… Here’s wot I think I think:
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Overall 9

Ittle Dew

25 July 2013
  • Summary: Ittle Dew what Link don’t.
  • Pros: A simplified and streamlined version of the Zelda formula that successfully makes puzzle-solving the primary focus. Surprisingly complex and challenging puzzles with a gradual learning curve, plus plenty of tutorials and hints. Great replayability thanks to various ways to solve the game. Colorfu...
  • Cons: Fairly short, with only a few dungeons and external areas to explore. Killing enemies feels mostly pointless since they only drop hearts, not loot or items.
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Overall 8

An Odd Adventure | Ittle Dew Review

New Gamer Nation
16 July 2013
  • Conclusion: For $14, one could do much worse. Ludosity certainly does not get points for creativity, but their craftsmanship is noble. This game may not be Zelda , but it certainly is Ittle Dew .
  • Pros: +Charming Humor, +Solid Puzzle Design
  • Cons: -Lack of Originality, -Poor Story
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Dew hope

Pocket Gamer
8 November 2013
  • Conclusion: A clever and well-put together-homage, Ittle Dew is let down slightly by some control issues, but it's still an entertainingly retro romp
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Overall 7

Ittle Dew review – The Parody of Zelda

1 October 2013
  • Summary: Never quite as good as the smart writing and clever ideas seem to promise, but still a thoroughly entertaining parody of the best of 2D Zelda.
  • Pros: The emphasis on puzzles over exploration and combat means it never feels like a clone, and makes the best of the endearing visuals and witty dialogue.
  • Cons: Despite some novel ideas few of the puzzles actually feel very original. Quite short and not very difficult.
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Overall 7

Game Review: Ittle Dew [PC]

16 August 2013
  • Excerpt: At first glance Ittle Dew looks like a clone of a Zelda game, more specifically A Link to the Past . Crashing upon an island, your raft in pieces, you decide to adventure around to find some way to get off of the island.
  • Pros: - Humorous dialogue and characters
  • Cons: - Puzzles get tedious quite fast
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Overall 8

Expert Review

I Love Videogames
15 December 2014
  • Summary: Con Wii U , Nintendo ha aperto i propri cancelli agli Indie di tutto il mondo e di tutti i tipi, se nella scorsa generazione arrivavano pochi titoli, sull’eShop di ottava generazione abbiamo potuto ammirare giochi del calibro di Shovel Knight , SteamWorld Dig e Teslagrad .
  • Pros: Ottimo Character Design, Enigmi ben realizzati
  • Cons: Troppo corto, Segreti non troppo segreti
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Overall 8

Ittle Dew

Push Start
14 March 2014
  • Excerpt: O The Legend of Zelda original da NES foi sem sombra de dúvida um jogo completamente revolucionário e com o sucesso que teve despoletou uma série de clones, como Golden Axe Warrior , Neutopia ou Beyond Oasis .
  • Pros: Visuais bonitos | Um humor muito sarcástico
  • Cons: Alguns problemas com os controlos, nomeadamente a detecção de colisão nos combates
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