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Hammer & Sickle

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Reviews and Problems with Hammer & Sickle

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Hammer & Sickle – Review

28 January 2007
  • Excerpt: In what might be considered an alchemical achievement, Nival Interactive came out of nowhere in 2003 to release a game with a perfect engine. Silent Storm combined the two greatest games in the squad-level turn-based strategy (yes, it's a genre) genre, melding the realistic combat gameplay of Jagged Alliance 2 with the massively complex, completely destructible environments of UFO: Enemy Unknown .
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Overall 5

Hammer & Sickle

Deaf Gamers
5 July 2006
  • Excerpt: Hammer & Sickle, an introduction. Quality turn-based strategy games have always been in short supply and quality turn-based strategy games with RPG elements are even rarer. It was a sight for sore eyes then in 2003 when Silent Storm was released. Not only was the game impressive but it's one of the few titles in the genre that can live with the classics such as X-Com and Jagged Alliance 2.
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Overall 7

Hammer & Sickle

Strategy Informer
23 May 2006
  • Conclusion: To sum up, Hammer and Sickle is unbelievably difficult, putting a hamper on a gamer’s overall enjoyment, to the point that you’ll likely spend most of your game time backtracking.  But for the extra-bright gamers out there or those with a sadistic love of frustration, this game will engage you, to say the least.
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Overall 6

Expert Review

5 December 2005
  • Excerpt: Hammer & Sickle is the latest turn-based RPG to hit store shelves. Does it stand up next to previous hits like Fallout and KOTOR? Do Soviets really have more fun? Are a hammer and sickle in-game weapons? Is Rambo cool enough to merit his own skill set? Or should this game just be nuked? Find out in Sean's full review.
  • Pros: ups: simple and fun turn-based gameplay, cool plot, cool weapons, cool characters,
  • Cons: downs: Brutal difficulty, limited RPG elements,
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Hammer & Sickle Review

8 June 2006
  • Excerpt: Welcome to Hammer & Sickle , developed by Nival Interactive, it is CDV’s latest tactical RPG. Set in post World War II, the Cold War is an era that has yet to be explored by many video game makers, and is the perfect setting for a mixture of cloak-and-dagger, and brutal firefights. In Hammer & Sickle , you control a small combat group under the leadership of a top Soviet officer. Your group is composed of former career soldiers or other people who have combat experience.
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Overall 3

Hammer & Sickle Review

29 January 2006
Overall 4
Gameplay 5
Graphics 6
Sound 3
Lastability 3

Hammer & Sickle

25 November 2006
  • Excerpt: Le Commandos-like Silent Storm est sorti au cours de l'année 2004 et avait su trouver son public. Aujourd'hui, Nival remet le couvert avec un autre jeu de rôle tactique en tour par tour : Hammer And Sickle. Exit la Seconde Guerre mondiale et place à la guerre froide, une période nettement moins abordée dans les jeux vidéo modernes.
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Overall 5

Hammer and Sickle

4 July 2006
  • Excerpt: Az idén fennállásának tizedik évfordulóját ünneplő, orosz illetőségű Nival Interactive olyan neves sorozatokkal ajándékozott meg minket, mint a Blitzkrieg, az Etherlords, a Rage of Mages és a Silent Storm. A cégen belül Novik & Co. néven futó kreatív csapatnak a Hammer and Sickle az első projektje.
  • Pros: +érdekes ötlet, +rombolható környezet
  • Cons: -gyenge AI, -visszafogott grafika, -rövid, bugos, -nincs multiplayer
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Expert Review

3 June 2006
  • Summary: Hammer & Sickle blander rollespill med et svært intelligent taktisk gameplay. De som elsket de gamle, turbaserte X-Com-spillene kan glede seg over at dette spillet leverer ekte vare - dette er ikke "sanntidsstrategi med pause", slik mange andre produsenter av denne typen spill tyr til. Spillet har imidlertid noen problemer. De to første konfrontasjonene er håpløse, og spillet er i tillegg ekstremt utilgivende.
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Trainz Classics

Tom's Games
22 May 2006
  • Summary: Marre du train-train quotidien ? Vous avez l'impression de vivre sur des rails ? Vous cherchez quelque chose qui vous (loco-)motive ? Allez, prenez le train en marche ! Rejoignez la communauté de Trainz !
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