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Guns of Icarus Online
8.2 out of 10

Guns of Icarus Online

Great Deal: $14.99

Reviews and Problems with Guns of Icarus Online

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Overall 8

Guns of Icarus Online (PC)

20 April 2015
  • Excerpt: Guns of Icarus was originally created by Muse Games in 2010, but despite the single and multiplayer gameplay, it was not well received.  Two years later Muse Games successfully launched a Kickstarter campaign for Guns of Icarus Online and received 3.5X their funding goal.
  • Pros: Fun combination of Star Trek and steam punk with teamwork being required for your ship's survival
  • Cons: In game purchases; like many multiplayer games, this one is best enjoyed with friends
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Overall 7

Expert Review

23 February 2013
  • Conclusion: A STEAMPUNK FANTASYHigh Altitude Atmosphere - Guns of Icarus Online does one thing exceptionally well and that's atmosphere. As a Steampunk title, it does a great job of portraying those designs that make the genre so popular.
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Overall 9
Value for money 9
Gameplay 8
Graphics 8
Sound 8
Addiction 10

Cloudy With A Chance Of Death (And Fun)

6 February 2013
  • Excerpt: In mythology, Icarus was the Greek who flew too close to the sun, only to have his wings melt and plummet into the sea. It's meant to be a cautionary tale about overreaching. However, taken quite literally, it could simply be a warning about flying around in untested technology.
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Guns Of Icarus Online Review

True PC gaming
16 December 2012
  • Summary: Guns Of Icarus Online is only really worth your money if you can convince 3 other friends to spend £9.99 each.  Even then, you’ll want to clear a solid 2-3 hours of time from your schedule to get down and dirty with this, as matches can go on for a long while.
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Expert Review

Calm Down Tom
11 November 2012
  • Summary: A few months ago I found myself trawling the internet and Steam for a Pirate Ship game. Just one of those random impulses of “I really want to play this.” I tried out a few free games and demos, but nothing really felt like what I was looking for. Then last week I came across Guns of Icarus Online.
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Guns Of Icarus Online Review (PC/Steam)

10 November 2012
  • Excerpt: This is one of those games that when the beta was announced I signed up for it quick and when the closed beta began I happened to be in a busy season and didn’t get to touch it.  So when it was announced that it was now available on Steam and we had a review copy I was quick to volunteer.
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Guns Of Icarus Online

8 November 2012
  • Conclusion: Without a proper single player component the game doesn’t quite feel like a complete product. Muse Games promises bug fixes and routine updates, but that doesn’t change how the game has managed to ship without a proper tutorial or text file explaining the mechanics, why they’re asking more money for...
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Guns of Icarus Online

Hooked Gamers
7 November 2012
  • Conclusion: Guns of Icarus Online is an unfinished product. It is creaky, and the juxtaposition of polish against lack thereof can be quite jarring. It requires teamwork and punishes disorganization. It is beautiful, ugly, satisfying and frustrating all at the same time.
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Guns of Icarus Online PC Review

28 July 2012
  • Conclusion: The developers have really set out to make something unique here, that much is obvious, it’s a massive departure from the fighter jets and frantic gameplay of games like Call of Duty and Battlefield, which in many ways don’t really encourage truly co-operative gameplay like you find in Guns of...
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Overall 7

Guns of Icarus Online (PC) Review

Canadian Online Gamers
17 December 2012
  • Excerpt: Muse Games had a Kickstarter a while ago looking for funding to make a successor to their 2010 game Guns of Icarus. With a humble goal of $10,000 it ended up receiving more than three times the asking amount, so there was much support to be had for an online steampunk shooter with airships.
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