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Overall 6

Fray (PC) Review

15 August 2012
  • Conclusion: Fray is far from perfect. It definitely could have used a few more rounds of beta testing before it showed up on the market. That said, there is potential here. I can’t very well say to you, “You shouldn’t play the game because there aren’t very many people playing the game.” That would be a self-reinforcing problem. Instead I’ll say this. If you stayed away from the game because of the glitch reports, rest assured that many have been fixed.
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Hooked Gamers
18 July 2012
  • Conclusion: In the interest of impartiality, it should be said that the maps are one of the redeeming qualities of Fray. When the game works, they look nice and colorful, well-designed and filled with tactical opportunities. The sound and music isn’t awful, but nothing that stands out of the ordinary either. The concept is certainly interesting on paper, and packs good potential, but it never quite comes together.
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Fray Review

13 July 2012
  • Excerpt: It's always disappointing when cool concepts are killed by sloppy execution. The meticulously orchestrated chaos that erupts on the battlefield as squads of well-armed future soldiers duke it out in Fray's asynchronous turn-based encounters certainly appeals on a strategic level. But this multiplayer-only affair rapidly bleeds out its potential with only the lightest prodding.
  • Pros: Rare well-balanced matches can be a lot of fun, Lots of gear and perks to unlock
  • Cons: Frequent visual and gameplay glitches, Interface is awkward and inconsistent, Matchmaking is problematic, Weak player community
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Overall 6


5 July 2012
  • Excerpt: Online games sometimes get special treatment and forgiveness. Even after a title is officially released, we allow regular patches and updates that fine tune game mechanics and stability issues without a second look — a method of delivery which has bled over into console games (but that is another subject all together). Aren’t games that ship to the consumer supposed to be complete? Where does one draw the line?
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Overall 4


24 June 2012
  • Summary: Fray is great in theory, but suffers from a seemingly half-finished execution
  • Pros: Simultaneous turn-based tactical combat is a great core concept for a game. Plenty of potential for strategic experimentation.
  • Cons: Almost embarrassingly buggy for a game that has made it to release. Not enough game modes and no real matchmaking system. No single player, making it unplayable without willing opponents. Lags in places even when everything else is going right.
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Fray - Recensione

Everyeye Network
28 December 2012
  • Excerpt: uscito lo scorso giugno, ma abbiamo colto l'occasione per testare la nuova versione "esclusiva", comprensiva dei più recenti aggiornamenti e feature, una versione sostanzialmente riveduta e corretta della precedente rilasciata sul mercato nel corso della scorsa estate.
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Overall 3


29 June 2012
  • Summary: Графика в стратегии — не главное. «Баги» тоже поправимы. Но отсутствие одиночной кампании и скудный выбор многопользовательских режимов ничем не оправдать. Несмотря на потенциал, с таким отношением к покупателям далеко не уедешь. Если уж с финансами совсем труба, выставили бы проект на Kickstarter или обратились к проверенной f2p-схеме (кстати, за счет микроплатежей живет идеологически близкая Jagged Alliance Online ). Сейчас Fray вообще сложно назвать игрой.
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