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Final Fantasy XIV Online

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Reviews and Problems with Final Fantasy XIV Online

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Overall 8

"Something Very Special Amidst The Problems"

Fensfield32, CNET
3 April 2011
  • Pros: Absolutely beautiful graphics, characters, costumes, and environments. A highly flexible class system, including fully-realised, dedicated crafting and gathering classes. Great storyline, setting, and characters. Great voice acting. Deep character cre
  • Cons: 'Find out for yourself with some subtle prompting' tutorial philosophy certainly not for everyone. Combat system in some ways awkward. Understated spell animations may be very underwhelming to some. No chat bubbles, communications only in log windows.
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Overall 9

"Went on sale too early - now improving very quickly"

maraboutt, CNET
8 March 2011
  • Pros: Class system Stunning graphics Final Fantasy touch and feel New development team in place, which is correcting all the small things that were not really optimal in the game.
  • Cons: Definitely unfinished when went on sale, which provoked a lot of harsh comments and reviews.
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Overall 1

"Everything about this game is terrible."

15 October 2010
  • Pros: Nothing I can think of
  • Cons: Biggest waste of 50 bucks I can think of. This game is more of a headache than anything else. Why would anyone design a game in this method and then try to sell it as playable is beyond me. Complete waste of time and money.
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Overall 10

"Graphics are the best of any MMO or any other game"

Arco2010, CNET
12 October 2010
  • Pros: Graphics are incredible and music is outstanding. Has a good starting story line. The basic foundation for a great MMO is all there. Crafting system is really addictive. Good tools for socializing and making new friends. Can play solo if you choose.
  • Cons: UI interface to many menus to go threw to do what should be simple tasks. Still some minor bugs. Delays between action and excution still just a little long if .35secs is long for you. Need a really good PC to run smoothly
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Overall 2

"System Requirements do not play"

bmacrae11, CNET
9 October 2010
  • Pros: opening cutscene promising, excites you about process of much loved series
  • Cons: Very unfriendly interface, still can't play after 6 hours of restarts - no Square enix support. It is very much like they don;t know what they are doing
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Overall 1

"Save your money, please heed my warning."

joyoon1984, CNET
8 October 2010
  • Pros: Good graphics, good opening movie (for Gridania - lasts about 2 minutes and you can watch that on Youtube).
  • Cons: The game has major issues in simple FUNCTIONALITY. The bugs, the entire game STRUCTURE needs to be redone. It's like having a hammer but the hammer is made of plastic. That's what I mean by the game not having FUNCTIONALITY.
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Overall 1

"Biggest let down and disappointment of a game EVER"

asbyo123, CNET
7 October 2010
  • Pros: um... good graphics? Thats about it
  • Cons: Everything was laggy -- the connection to the JAPANESE servers, the UI, everything. Crafting, lack of ah, social network ( or lack of ), god, the list goes on. Everything but the graphics was a huge huge letdown
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Overall 2

"Worst MMO ever published"

Stoly Vanilla, CNET
6 October 2010
  • Pros: Graphics are state of the art
  • Cons: User interface, restricted leveling, no ah, no chat, not a social environment
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Overall 4
Value for money 6
Sound quality 8
Gameplay 2
Graphics 8
Lastability 8

Poor interface & design flaws ruining what should be a great game

spikycat, Ciao
31 October 2010
  • Excerpt: "...long time fan of the Final Fantasy and having also dabbled in a few different flavours of MMORPG in the past, most notably World Of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XI, the prospect of a new online offering from SquareEnix was an enticing one. I decided to ignore the almost overwhelmingly poor early press about the game and take a gamble. Before I go any further with this review I should be clear up front that it isn’t a fully comprehensive overview of ...
  • Pros: Visually very pleasing, satisfying combat, authentic Final Fantasy feel
  • Cons: Horrible user interface, no auction house, overly complicated crafting, stability issues
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Overall 2
Sound quality 6
Graphics 10
Lastability 2

Huge Disappointment; Square may be losing their touch

TrueWardy, Ciao
20 October 2010
  • Excerpt: "...terrific games, and it is Final Fantasy in particular which I love. After 13, which was not up to par with the others, I had high hopes for the gorgeus looking 14. And I guess that is the one positive feature about it. The graphics are frankly jaw-dropping; compare this with games like World of Warcraft and you will be amazed that such a big game can look this pretty. It isn't too well optimised on PC, so you will need a high end computer to run ...
  • Pros: Gorgeus graphics, very customiseable characters .
  • Cons: Bland storyline, everything too complicated, lack of tutorial .
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