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EverQuest II

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Overall 10

great game!

keith, Amazon
4 August 2014

User Review

Stave, Metacritic
8 December 2013
  • Summary: Great game. I have actually just returned to it after 6 years away. Picked up my level 80 paladin and moving toward the level cap again. My family is playing as well. The quests are a little dated and simple: kill 10 of these and return, etc. But the epic and heritage quests are great. The Housing is the absolute best with a million options and is a complete side hobby unto itself. Great game. I have actually just returned to it after 6 years away.
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Ansatsu83, Metacritic
28 October 2013
  • Summary: This game... is simply terrible. It does nothing to capture the feel of the first game. While I can respect that they would want to move away from the traditional, many games did that and were far more successful. I played back in beta and quit about six months after it came out. I went back to play it, again, after it went free to play and realized... IT WAS WORSE THAN BEFORE!!!!! This This game... is simply terrible.
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Atsuri, Metacritic
13 May 2013
  • Summary: I would like to start off with something totally positive. Compared to a s**t tone of other MMO/MMORPG currently on the market, Everquest II has an impressive selection of races. I played dozens of MMOs before and NEVER before were I able to control a half-dragon, rat or pixie. The selection of classes is equally good. We have 4 basic archetypes fighter, mage, priest and scout. However, I would like to start off with something totally positive.
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Overall 6

Baby Dragon?!

A. Bishop, Amazon
1 May 2013
  • Summary: This was the only way I knew to legitimately get an item that could be sold in game for in game currency...not anymore..making this almost obsolete...nobody wants to pay a fair price for the baby dragon anymore...so unless its for your own personal collection...don't waste the cash!
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User Review

Atomsk, Metacritic
27 April 2013
  • Summary: Probably my favourite game of all time. EQ2 has all the depth you could ever want from an MMO it's a shame it lost so many players to WoW early on and the place is a ghost town now. Quests that can take weeks or MONTHS to complete but are actually WORTH the time, I can't say that about any other game. There was never a better feeling of achievement than when I got my Mythical in EQ2, no Probably my favourite game of all time.
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User Review

renderman, Metacritic
6 April 2013
  • Summary: It was either this game or WoW for me, as they both came out at the same time. I really enjoyed the look and mechanics of EQ2 better than WoW hence my rating, but thats my personal opinion....
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Jaz, Metacritic
24 February 2013
  • Summary: Based on the original Everquest 1, with much better graphics, EQ 2 was supposed to lead the MMOs like its predecessor. But then WoW came out. EQ2 originally tried to keep up the legacy of non solo able content of EQ1 (even worse) you had to get a group (real hard) to do anything really. WoW had tons of solo content and PvP. So WoW became the new king of MMOs and still is.
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Overall 10

loved it

loati, Amazon
31 January 2013
  • Summary: i needed the expansion for the portals it provided so this was exactly what i needed at a reasonable price
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Overall 2

Misleading Advertising

Scott A Welch, Amazon
3 November 2012
  • Summary: The advertisement on Amazon stated that this product (Destiny of Velious) contained ALL the in-game Everquest2 content when that is simply NOT true. I bought this product so that I could have access to a certain feature in the game. However when I received my product I was very upset and disappointed to learn it DID NOT contain all the "up to date" game content as was advertised and if I wanted to have access the feature I wanted I would then need to purchase yet another...
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