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EVE Online

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Reviews and Problems with EVE Online

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EVE Online Review

26 November 2013
  • Excerpt: Tranquility. I've always puzzled at the name of EVE Online's single server. It's an ironic moniker to lend to a world where hundreds of thousands of players jockey for resources, scheme, spy, and blow each other up. On that one server, wars wage in perpetuity. Scammers ply their trade outside crowded space stations. Fortunes are made and lost amid the bustle of a full-fledged economy. None of it feels particularly tranquil.
  • Pros: An ever-evolving, ever-expanding world that improves like clockwork, Complex combat and political systems that avoid symmetry, but are still fair, Balanced risk-versus-reward systems and harsh penalties create tension, Comprehensive player tools for defining your little corner of the universe, Attractive graphics and a cohesive aesthetic vision across art, music, and interface
  • Cons: Steep learning curve and many esoteric features, Efforts to humanize the universe fall short
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Overall 9

Eve Online (PC)

11 November 2011
  • Excerpt: EVE Online Developer: CCP Games Publisher: CCP Games Release date: May 6th, 2003 Available on: PC Genre: MMO, Sci-fi, Real-time space simulator Rating: PEGI 12+, ESRB: T Multiplayer only Monthly fee (varies): the new expansions are included in the monthly subscription and play-time is buyable also with in-game money.
  • Pros: New content regularly and an established and unique MMO sandbox concept
  • Cons: Cruel and unforgiving, no realistic options for casual game play and at times stressful
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Review – Eve Online Dominion

18 January 2010
  • Conclusion: It is a bit cliché, but one of the biggest issues with MMOs is that the player base is extremely attached to their characters, and in the case of Eve, their universe. Internet Spaceships are serious business, and given the amount of time and effort required to properly maintain an in-game empire, having bugs sabotage your effort is tantamount (and comparable, when you do the math of conversion due to Eve’s semi liquid in-game currency) to the bank saying “Sorry, we lost...
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Overall 9
Value for money 9
Gameplay 9
Graphics 9
Sound 8

EvE Online Apocrypha

1 May 2009
  • Excerpt: “Space is big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind- bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist's, but that's just peanuts to space.” – Douglas Adams, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.
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Review – Eve Online Empyrean Age

18 June 2008
  • Conclusion: Finally, this was an expansion for current players, which makes sense, given the last expansion was focused on attracting a wave of new players. Despite marketing to the contrary Eve is still about serious PvP. Newer or less skilled players can still “blob up” for protection, but the slightest error results in their being picked apart by brutal hunters (such as my corporation). This could end up being not fun, I imagine, for a victim.
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Overall 7
Gameplay 8
Graphics 8
Sound 7
Storyline 7
Control 7

Expert Review

5 October 2007
  • Conclusion: A decent game, but only hardcore MMO and sci-fi enthusiasts need apply.
  • Pros: Large-scale space fights are awesome, all players play on one server, heaps of content.
  • Cons: Needlessly complicated gameplay and interface, not enough graphical variation, average musical score.
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Fly starships and destroy enemies in online space game.

Common Sense Media
16 July 2007
  • Summary: Parents need to know that EVE Online is a massively multiplayer online role playing game that requires a monthly subscription. The world and the economy is player-driven and a major part of the game is Player versus Player (PvP) where players actively fight each other. Smuggling or "drug-running" is part of the game as is exploration, trading, manufacturing, fighting the pirates or being a pirate and hunting and stealing from other players.
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Eve Online : First Impressions

24 January 2007
  • Conclusion: I have not yet gotten to the point where I can participate in this aspect of the game. Until my skills are higher and my character more developed, most “serious” corporations won’t take me. The key lesson I took away from Warcraft is that it is important to find a big, active, and strong guild. So for now, my merry band of friends and I are are slowly building our resources and characters.
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Overall 7

EVE Online

The Gamers Temple
20 January 2007
  • Excerpt: EVE Online is a massively multiplayer game that creates a vast universe for you to explore and seek your fortune in. While certainly one of the best looking space games to date, the gameplay is a little too much like space – there’s a lot of opportunity for the very patient and persistent but it’s primarily vacuous and filled with a lot of empty space.
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EVE Online: The Second Genesis

7 October 2006
  • Conclusion: Like all other MMOG’s EVE Online is a work in progress that like some good wines, mature in time. With a better focus on the newcomer, a better skill acquisition system., and a story that becomes more than a backdrop, EVE can make itself a game for the long haul and one to remember.
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