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7.9 out of 10

Europa: Universalis III

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Reviews and Problems with Europa: Universalis III

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User Review

Speedx1, Metacritic
8 April 2014
  • Summary: This expansion is too good to be expansion. Have much new events and new maps, they can made another game along this expansion. No words to describe this.
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Overall 6

I'd give it 5 stars but

joesolo, Amazon
13 February 2014
  • Summary: "Complete" is a MAJOR Misnomer. While complete at the time of release, two later expansions, "Divine Wind" and "Heir to the Throne" were major important additions. As a grand strategy game, Europa Universalis 3 is one of the greats, but if you really want to experience it, you'll want all the expansions. They add a lot of content, new nations, options, and the "holy roman empire", a kind of proto-European Union of the time period.
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Overall 10

Awesome game.

Susan Rogers, Amazon
3 February 2014
  • Summary: This game was a perfect gift for my brother. People suggested it as a good game. The price was very reasonable.
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Overall 8

Fuedal Strategy Galore

Mr. Michael Najarian "Duftopia", Amazon
6 December 2013
  • Summary: Get your feudal on! This grand strategy game will boggle your mind in warfare, you CANNOT win by simple preditorial skills, building massive armies and following a RISK board game strategy, you cannot CIVILIZATION yourself out of a tough spot. You need to make alliance, stab friends in the back (before they do it to you), marry into trust and kiss a popes ass for blessings. It puts a new spin on warfare in that it depicts what REAL WAR is.
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User Review

tech-noir, Metacritic
28 November 2013
  • Summary: Even though it fails to provide a truly open ended experience, it's fun until the gameplay becomes stale. While the addictiveness level is existent, it eventually falls to the game's limitations and interface faults. Ultimately, it doesn't know what it wants to be: purely historical or maniacally alternative.
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Overall 2

won't work on vista

candot666 "candi", Amazon
16 November 2013
  • Summary: I had to send it back as it didn't work on my pc, but amazon as always was good about returns.
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Overall 10

Great Game-play, Fantastic Strategy Game (Hope you have a lot of time on your hands!)

SP, Amazon
29 October 2013
  • Summary: I have played this game for a few years now and it is a classic. EU III uses the same detailed style of play shared with other Parodox mainstays like the Victoria and Hearts of Iron franchises. Single-player or multi-player - this game is a blast. The intricate gameplay involves several hundred playable countries allowing you to pick a powerhouse, regional power, or play a small nation in your own corner of the world.
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User Review

vangomaextreme, Metacritic
18 August 2013
  • Summary: Another spectacular yawnfest from Paradox! These games are potentially fascinating, but for most of us with lives, jobs and families and maybe only an hour a day max for some gaming time, any Paradox game will thus take you 2 years to complete one game not really an option.
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Overall 10

Great game

Roger Herman, Amazon
6 July 2013
  • Summary: It was very good but chronicles is the full version of the game, not complete. If you like strategy, get this game!
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Overall 10

A Great Game!

B. Messing, Amazon
5 July 2013
  • Summary: Europa Universalis 3 Chronicles is a wonderful game in a classic series. All Paradox Interactive games are unique in their own ways, so make sure you like the following concepts before choosing Europa Universalis III over other titles like Crusader Kings II, Victoria II, Hearts of Iron III etc.
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