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Eden Eternal

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User Review

GYARA, Metacritic
13 September 2014
  • Summary: Well, this game has stunned me with great visuals and the best class system ever seen. Switching between ranged and close combat? Genius. Haven't tried out yet? Then definitely do.
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Sleepingmonster, Metacritic
9 November 2013
  • Summary: Worst MMORPG I played. And here is why: 1. Broken Arena Pets are enabled to attack and can 3-4 shot you when a high level character pass it to his/her lower level character and use it. There is a time when you can enter the 3v3, 10v10, etc in arena and the difference between range and melee is huge. Range can run and cast their skill while melee cannot. Gear dependent and not skill dependent. 2.
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DrDerp, Metacritic
14 April 2013
  • Summary: Graphics- It's ok, bright colorful to keep you entertain throughout the whole game, but eventually it shows it's laziness with reused skins. Storyline- Very lacking, it's text-based, which is not bad, but if you read the story, it's unoriginal and boring to say the least. Gameplay- This is one of the few things that keeps this game alive, with it's unique class-changing system and dungeons, it's somewhat addicting, til you get to the point where you're doing the same...
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User Review

Wabafet, Metacritic
1 August 2012
  • Summary: Eden Eternal is one of the finest free to play MMORPGs I have ever played and I have tried plenty of them. I love the class system implemented in this where you are able to level every class on a single character and switch between them freely. Also, the classes are very well done with distinct differences between them - something lacking in a lot of other games in the genre. The world is lively, the graphics are charming and the gameplay is fun.
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User Review

Chapy, Metacritic
22 July 2011
  • Summary: It's certainly a free to play mmo, there's no escaping that fact. The class system is unique and great, you literally CAN'T play just one class. There are 5 categories of classes and 15 classes overall. In the Magic DMG category it goes Magician/Illusionist/Warlock and in the Healer category it goes Cleric/Bard/Shaman.
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Overall 8

Eden Eternal [PC]

CiaoBoy, Ciao
23 January 2012
  • Excerpt: Wat is een MMORPG? MMORPG's zijn games die online gespeeld worden. Er ligt een intense focus op samenspel met andere gamers over de hele wereld. In een MMORPG maak je vrijwel altijd je eigen karakter aan. De bedoeling is dat je je karakter sterker maakt. Dit doe je door opdrachten van NPC's - Geprogrammeerde personages - te voltooien. Dit noemen we een quest. Hier krijg je dan items en experience voor. Een MMORPG kent ook altijd een level systeem.
  • Pros: Prachtige, anime - inspired graphics, vele classes en functies, grote community .
  • Cons: Muziek sprak mij niet aan, vechten is aan het begin wat slap en saai .
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