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6.0 out of 10

Duke Nukem Forever

Great Deal: $7.09

Reviews and Problems with Duke Nukem Forever

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Overall 5
Gameplay 4
Graphics 8
Sound 4
Lastability 3

Glad I waited

stevedh , GameStop
31 October 2011
  • Summary: Glad I waited for this one to drop in price. First you must figure out what viewing ratio to use to even get this to run. If you just have minimum specs. for this game, don't buy it. It will run like cr@p.
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Overall 6

Average game HL2 is 10 times better

deniszelenskiy, Ebay
22 September 2011
Overall 6

If the product is not defective, I have no problem with the value vs money

001101ee, Ebay
9 September 2011
  • Summary: I haven't been able to play the game; it did not work on my computer or on another one. The machines I have loaded it onto may not meet the recommended operating specs.
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Overall 6

"Was over hyped but ok"

Corey, Mighty Ape
23 September 2013
Overall 6

Same Duke again

VV, wowhd.ca
20 July 2011
  • Summary: No too much different as the old ones.
  • Pros: Challenging
  • Cons: Poor Graphics
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Overall 6

time to kick butt or chew gum, I got gum

Brendaaan, wowhd.ca
27 June 2011
  • Summary: The hype from this game was huge. The 1st duke was AMAZING for its time and i thought that the sequel would live up to the hype it was given.<br />the thing that is great in this game is the sound. the quirky duke sayings are still in there, and the music seems to play really nicely with the game play. without the sound, the game in my opinion would have gotten a 2/5 instead or 3.<br />I cant really put my finger on what is missing from this game...
  • Pros: Easy To Learn, Great Sound
  • Cons: Boring
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Overall 6

Hail to the king baby - r u serious?

tea_stain, wowhd.ca
26 June 2011
  • Summary: Dont take the Duke too seriously and you'll have a good time. Great gameplay, humour, graphics etc it is not.Its a thowback to an earlier year - a taste of nostalia for me... yes I'm old enuf to have played the original Duke and blushed at the ending - I had fun with this one, but there were alot of cheesy moments, pre pubescent humour ..
  • Pros: Easy To Learn, Fun
  • Cons: Dated feel, Too short
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Overall 6

Good for a Laugh

Saul, memoryexpress.com
16 June 2011
  • Summary: I too wonder what the hell took over 12 years to get this game out.. But I'm glad it finally did, just for the nostalgia of playing Duke again. Some of the one liners make me LOL, and I enjoy blasting up some Aliens old school style for a change... On the highest difficulty for the hell of it. $50 may be a bit steep for some on this on though..
  • Pros: -A humorous game, good for some simple mindless fun and lots of laugh (if you have a sense of humor). , -Works great in Eyefinity (3 x 24" Monitors in Portrait Mode), didn't even have to set the resolution manually, just worked. , -Graphics are Average, not bad, but not Crysis (wasn't expecting it to be). But runs great and smooth.
  • Cons: - Not particularily deep single player experience. (gasp: shocking) , - Multiplayer experience is sooooo 1990s (gasp: shocking)
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Overall 6

Duke ( Hail to the king) Nukem

DemonKnight, Play.com
14 March 2011
  • Conclusion: Well im afraid i havent been sold with this game.
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Overall 6

"Not that good but ok"

Matthew, Mighty Ape
9 March 2011
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