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Doom 3

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Overall 9

(PC Review) Doom 3

The Entertainment Depot
12 November 2012
  • Summary: Doom 3 is a landmark phenomenon, no matter which way you look at it. In terms of sheer graphical brilliance, the game is simply unmatched, and will likely continue to be the reigning king for some time to come. The incredible level of detail is jaw-dropping, and the ability to scale it for playability on even the lowest of the low-end systems is a glorious miracle of optimization.
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Overall 6

Expert Review

22 October 2012
  • Excerpt: However you felt about Doom 3 when it came out, BFG Edition isn't the best way to play it today.
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Overall 7

Hector: Episode 3 – Beyond Reasonable Doom Review

28 September 2011
  • Excerpt: Straandlooper and Telltale Games are back with the final episode of the absurdly raunchy Hector: Badge of Carnage. For those that have visit Clappers Wreake for the first two episodes, you know...
  • Pros: + Strong voice acting returns, + Flawless autosave system
  • Cons: Pacing is horribly slow, Formulaic to a fault, Nearly all puzzles are ridiculously obvious
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Overall 3

Doom 3 review (PC)

3 September 2008
  • Excerpt: ? Scary enough to place you in a pitch-black room with five demons who want to maul your brains out, and scary enough to keep you from holding your gun and flashlight at the same time. Given the abundance of exploding air vents in Mars City, is there seriously no duct tape one can use to attach his flashlight to his assault rifle?
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Overall 8

Doom 3

Strategy Informer
1 June 2006
Overall 8

Doom 3

Just RPG
10 March 2006
  • Excerpt: In this long-awaited installment of the Doom series from id, it's time to be afraid. Be very afraid. You will be. Unless you've been living in a cave for most of your life, you've heard of Doom . I remember Doom . I remember shooting waves and waves of monsters down. I remember I was always in God mode: I was too afraid to try anything else. Well Doom 3 has taken that fear factor and multiplied it. By a billion. And two. First of all, I've got to mention the graphics.
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Doom 3 Review

1 March 2006
  • Excerpt: Games today are pretty complicated beasts. The first person genre has been overtaken by a not unwelcome mix of diverse offerings:the narrative of Half Life, the squad-based anti-terrorism thrills of Rainbow Six, the customisation and RPG elements of games like Deus Ex, the myriad of online-based games ranging from Quake 3 to Battlefield 1942 and an invasion of smart enemies, be they merciless alien invaders (Halo) or island-dwelling mercenaries (Far Cry).
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As bloody as games get -- adults only.

Common Sense Media
28 February 2006
  • Summary: Parents need to know that the level of fear, blood, gore, and violence makes this game a poor choice for kids of all ages.
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Overall 9

Battlefield 2

26 December 2005
  • Conclusion: Battlefield 2 is the best game of its type we've seen to date. The squad system and commander mode go a long way toward bringing some much-needed organization to the chaos of multiplayer combat. Combat is intense, the environments look excellent, and there is enough replay value to keep gamers busy for quite some time. Although the technical requirements may be a bit too steep for some, Battlefield 2 is a blast to play and simply too good to pass up. Get it now!
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Expert Review

Game Freaks 365
21 December 2005
  • Excerpt: As you may or may not know, Doom 3 was released yesterday for the PC. Xbox release will be coming Spring 2005. I skipped most of work yesterday to go home and play. One word describes it best: wow. I expected it to be a storyless demon slaughtering rampage, but I was wrong. You start as a marine (no name, like in GTA3; it's supposed to be you) and you go to Mars where secret experiments are being held. One man goes missing, and you are sent out to find him.
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